Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prilosec Rite Aid Deal

For those of you you use/need Prilosec - here is a great deal at Rite Aid: (Thanks for the Mammas!)

P&G has released a $25.00 Prilosec mail-in-rebate. Buy (2) Prilosec OTC 42 ct in a single transaction between 12/26/10 – 2/15/11 and get a $25.00 Mastercard Giftcard.

You will need to mail an original cash register receipt(s) dated between 12/26/10 and 2/15/11, with your retailers name, the date, and the purchase price of each product circled AND the TWO UPC symbols cut from the label of each product purchased together with the completed Prilosec Rebate Form. Forms must be received by 3/31/11.

You can get the following deal at Rite Aid this week – through 1/1/11:

Prilosec OTC 42 ct $24.77
Get $6.00 UPR
$3/1 Prilosec 12/26/2010 P&G Insert (exp 1/31/2011)
$7/2 Prilosec OTC 11/28/2010 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2010) EXPIRES TOMORROW
$15.77 after coupon and +UPR

Buy 2 Prilosec OTC $49.54
use $4/$20 Rite Aid Video Values JAN (or $3/$20 VV Dec)
use $7/2 Prilosec coupon or $3/1 Prilosec Coupon
Get $12.00 UPR
$26.54 after coupon & UPR
Submit for $25 MIR

as low as $1.54 after coupon & MIR

If you use this, and don't have the coupons, I have them and would be willing to part with them. I have the ones that expire TOMORROW, if anyone want to pick them up :) (just email me first)

Free Flossers

Go over here and sign up to get a free 36 ct of Plackers Flossers!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Save the Children groupon

I LOVE Groupon. I LOVE them even more now that they are doing so much with Charities lately! First Kiva, and now Save the Children!

Go sign up for Groupon and then you can buy a $30 Donation for Save the Children for only $15! Do it before the end of the year and you can claim this on your taxes!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

3 Years of Parents Magazine for $5.99

I am not a big fan of Parents magazine - However, they tend to have some great coupons! Like the 20% off diapers at Amazon (seriously, I have gotten some REALLY cheap diapers with that coupon!)

So you can go here to Tanga and get 3 years for $5.99
Enter the coupon code: PARENTS (along with your email)
that will drop the price to $5.99 for the 3 years!

This is only a good until it is gone deal, so hurry if you want it!

Shop thru Ebates for an additional 2.5% back!

Rite Aid Steals for the week

I didn't do a Rite Aid Match up this week because most of the deals to be had, you would need coupons from the paper, and I am not a fan of coupons from the paper - I much prefer just printing them off when I need them. The one exception is the P&G insert, which comes once a month and usually has some great coupons (often comes on the last Sunday of the month).
If you want a full match up of coupons go here to the Krazy coupon lady!

I went to Rite Aid twice today - I didn't think that I would do the Nivea deal (buy $20 in Nivea, get a $10 up-reward), but then I realized that my daughter had a birthday in a couple of weeks and these would work great in the goodie bags, so I went back this afternoon. So they are not pictured in the picture, but here is what I did.
Bought 10 Nivea Lip Care
Used 5 $2/2 coupons from facebook (a perk of having so many computers in my house - many to print coupons from!)
Used 1 BOGO FREE coupon from Red Plum 12/5
Used $3 off $20 purchase (from last month Video Value)
Used $1 off $1 Video Value
Got a $10 UpReward
$6 MONEYMAKER!! and some good stuff for goodie bags :)

I also used up my $20 Gift of Savings and bought new LED Christmas lights for our house (12 boxes!!) at the same time (Also not pictured), on 50% off clearance - lower our power bill next year!

Here is what I got this morning:
My goal was to use up my last 2 $5 off $25 purchase coupons (I am so sad it looks like they are not doing these any more :( ) before they expired later this week. I am adding to my donation pile with all this deodorant (I haven't dropped the second batch off yet... so now they will get more!)

Transaction #1
2 Packages of Pampers Cruisers - $8.88 each
Gillette Fusion Razor - $9.97
1 Old Spice Deodorant -$4
1 Old Spice Body Wash - $4
1 Gillette Clinical Strength Deodorant - $7.99 (this was a moneymaker!)

$5 off $25
$1 off $1 Video Value
2 $1.50 off Pampers coupons from the P&G insert
$4 off Gillette Razor coupon from the P&G insert
$1 off Old Spice Deodorant from the P&G insert
BOGO Free Old Spice from the P&G insert (worth $4)
$3 off Gillette Clinical from the P&G insert
$3 off Gillette Clinical from Rite Aid Flu Shot coupon book
$5 Up Reward from Razor
2 $1 Up Reward from the Diapers
2 $3 up Rewards for the Old Spice and the Gillette
$6.72 total

Transaction #2

4 Chex Mix - $6 for 4 (I LOVE this stuff)
2 Old Spice Body Spray $8 for the 2 (this is headed to the youth shelter)
2 Old Spice Deodorant $8 for the 2 ($4 each)
4 Gillette Deodorant $16 for the 4
1 Pantene Shampoo $3.5
1 Pantene Conditioner - $3.5
1 Vicks Sinex - $5 (Moneymaker!)
2 Sundown Calcium Supplements $5.19 for both (I wanted Vitamin D, but they didn't have it, but Calcium ones have it in it too) They are BOGO FREE
$5 off $25
$1 off $1 Video Value coupon
3 $.50/1 off chex mix coupons I printed before (They are others out there too - see the Krazy coupon lady post)
1 $.50/1 off chex mix coupons from the paper (I am not sure from when)
2 $.50 off Chex mix Video Value Coupon (one this month and one from last)
$2 Up Reward from Chex mix
2 $1 off Sundown vitamins from
$2 Up Reward from Sundown Vitamins
1 $1 Video Value Sundown vitamins coupon
$4 off Sinex from the P&G insert
$2 off Sinex from the Rite Aid Flu Shot Book
$ 2 Up Reward from Sinex
2 $1 off Old Spice from the P&G insert (this month and last)
1 BOGO Free Old Spice Body Spray from the P&G insert ($4 value)
1 BOGO Free Old Spice Deodorant from the coupons Duracell Batteries I bought last week ($4 value)
2 $3 Up rewards from Old Spice
BOGO Free Gillette Deodorant from from the P&G insert ($4 value)
Buy 2 get one FREE from the P&G insert last month ($4 value)
$2 off Gillette Deodorant from the P&G insert last month
2 $3 up Rewards from Gillette
BOGO Free Pantene - from the P&G insert last month ($3.50 value)
$3/2 Pantene from the P&G insert
$1 up reward from Pantene

So I spent about $2 total for my morning trip (combining both transactions), but then with my afternoon trip ($6 moneymaker), I made about $4 for the day! SWEET!! That is including Diapers and Christmas lights :) Plus I now have one party favor down - hopefully I can get some others at this good of a deal!

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Code

A new Huggies Enjoy the Ride Code


Pampers Codes

Here is another new code


Thursday, December 23, 2010

$1 off Cream Cheese and Ritz

Go Print this coupon before it it reaches it's limit! It will mean some FREE Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It often goes on sale for $1, in fact, this week at Fred Meyer it is $1 with the in Ad coupon! It will print both a coupon for the Cream Cheese and the Ritz Crackers on the same page...

I am thinking so Cheesecake is in our future....

Investing in the new year

I got an email from my dad this morning reminding me that with the new tax bill that was just passed, the government will be taking 2% less of your salary this year for Social Security (FICA). YAY! Since I doubt it will be around when we retire, I would much rather invest it myself.

May I suggest that (especially if you didn't know this was coming) you invest this 2% in your retirement and jump start or pad your savings!

First, if you have a work retirement plan (401K, TSP, 403B, whatever is available) where they MATCH your contribution, you BETTER be putting money into that account (but only up to the match, unless you have lots of extra $$). You are THROWING away FREE money if you are not! Seriously go sign up for it NOW (don't wait) if they match any amount of your contribution! You can't pass up free money and you won't be able to make that return on your money anywhere else!

If you already contribute to the plan up to the match, or your work does not match it, then open up a ROTH IRA at any discount brokerage (we personally use Fidelity, but there are MANY good ones out there!). We are still at historically low tax rates, so take advatage of them NOW and get tax free money in your retirement. If you have kids, you are in a lower tax bracket then you will be in retirement! We know the tax rate will have to go up, so take advantage of the low rates and pay it now, and live a tax free retirement :)

Take that extra 2% and have it AUTOMATICALLY withdrawn from your account into a Roth IRA (or into your work's retirement account). Then you will never realize the extra money you have and spend it. You also don't have to make the conscious decision to save it either.

If you have maxed out both your work retirement match and your ROTH IRA's (you can have 2 if you are married, one for each), then I want the kind of money you are making! Just kidding :) Then, if you have kids, open or contribute more to their 529 accounts for college. Here in Oregon, you get a nice little tax deduction if you contribute for your children into the state's plan. So you get tax free money for college and a tax deduction for contributing.

So please do not consider this money extra money to spend - look at it as extra money for your future and get saving (or adding to) for your retirement!

BOGO Free at Fandango

Go here and get BOGO FREE tickets at Fandango

Enter code SAMSUNGTAB to get the FREE ticket at checkout

if you have a visa signature card go here and buy Fandango bucks at 20% off FIRST, and then you get 20% off the first ticket and the second ticket FREE with this promotion (there is also a BOGO FREE ticket promotion for TRON legacy on the Visa signature page)

I missed out on the $5 off coupon earlier this week because I took too long to buy and the promotion ran out early :P So I am taking advantage of this one right away :)

FREE $2 MP3 Credit at Amazon

Use this code:



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Remember to GIVE

This week, we were able to clean out alot of this stuff I have been picking up at stores. I manage get many things for Free or make money almost every week - it adds up and I have managed to accumulate many items. When it is free, but a brand or something we don't necessarily use, I set is aside to give away. I figure it is free (or a moneymaker) and I am out anyway, I might as well get it and give it away. Plus I love doing all this couponing and shopping stuff :)

So in the spirit of the Holiday, we gathered up the stash of things to give away - that I started when I really got into couponing about 7 months ago (it all started with getting cheap diapers for our soon to be baby, that is now 5 months!! I have ALWAYS been a frugal/bargain shopper, but I REALLY got into it about then). We were able to donate over $150 worth of items today and we have another bag of stuff to go to another charity in town tomorrow that is about another $100 worth of items. All this stuff cost me nothing, but the time to go to the store and pick it up (and cut the coupons, but some, with things like Up Rewards, don't even require coupons!)

Remember to get a Tax donation slip when you drop this stuff off - I makes and EXCELLENT deduction on your taxes!! So make sure to go through your stashes before the end of the year and donate them so you can get a nice little tax deduction!!

You get to shop and get things for free, then you get to help out charities and people that can REALLY use the products, and you get a nice tax deduction!! It is a win, win all around :)

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and are safe, happy, and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones :)

My Rite Aid trip this week

I am really late with this... I probably won't be blogging to much in the next two weeks - our whole family is on vacation from school and work and I am spending very little time at the computer and lots and lots of time as a family :) It is wonderful!

But here is my BIG score at Rite Aid this week. I used up a bunch of my FREE coupons that I have gotten from various promotions, so I could be sure to get my Gift of Savings over the $100 mark, which I did, so I am getting another $20 back (I got $10 from this trip alone!). If you haven't already, be sure to add ALL your receipts from this month (since thanksgiving) to be able to get money back through their gift of savings program!! The program ends on Christmas day

Transaction #1 -
2 Duracell Batteries - $8.77 each
$3 off $15 purchase I got in an email (sign up for their emails if you haven't already)
2 $1.50 Duracell Battery coupons from the paper
$5 SCR
2 $1 up Rewards
$4.54 for 40 AA Batteries (they were packs w/ an additional $20 P&G coupon book and a Free travel Tide to Go pen!)

Transaction #2 -
Hershey's Pot Of Gold - $3.99
2 Hershey's Kisses - $5
2 Hershey's miniatures - $5
4 Cheerios - $10
2 Ghiradelli Chocolates - $5
4 Candy Bars - $2
Gain Dish Soap - $.88
Clearasil Overnight - $7.59 (w/my 20% discount
Clearasil Wash - $4.63 (w/ 20% discount)
Herbashine Hair color - $6.39
Huggies baby Wipes - $2.95
Advil - $3.75
Benefiber - $8.99
Cottonelle Wipes - $1.99
Coupons & Up Rewards received: (yes it took FOREVER to scan all the coupons and then I used previous Up rewards to pay... ya, it took awhile :P)
$5 off $25 coupon from Red Plum
Free Cottonelle Wipes Coupon (from their website awhile ago) - $1.99
Free Baby Wipes - $2.95 (from the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program!)
Free Advil - $3.75 (from a internet promotion a few months ago)
Free Herbashine hair color - $6.39 (the promotion from a few weeks ago)
$1 off Garnier Hair Color Video Values Coupon
$4 off Benefiber coupon from
$1 off Benefiber Video value coupon
2 $2 off Clearasil coupons
$2 off Clearasil Ad coupon
$5 off Clearasil overnight Ad coupon (both clearasil's were moneymakers with my 20% discount!)
$1 off Gain Dish Soap from the P&G booklet from here
BOGO Free Reeces coupon from newspaper
$.50 off 2 Milky Way coupon
$1 off 2 Ghiradelli Coupon
$1 off Hershey Miniatures Video Value coupon
$1 off Hershey Kisses Video Value Coupon
2 $1 Hershey Candy coupons from
2 $1 off GM cereals coupons from
$1 off Pot of Gold coupon from the paper
3 $1 Uprewards from the 4 Hershey's and 2 Ghiradelli
$1 Up reward for the Candy Bars
2 $2 Up rewards from the Cereal
2 $2 Up Rewards from the Clearasil
$2 Up Reward from Pot of Gold
$2 SCR for Benefiber
$4.08 Total

So $8.62 total for ALL that stuff, plus I got another $10 for my Gift of Savings (I had $10 before and it pushed me to over $100, for another $10 back!!), so it was a $1.38 Moneymaker if you count the Gift of Savings!!

I didn't pay anything out of pocket either from the previous Up Rewards I had from last week (I had lots from getting all that moneymaker tape last week) and have $14 in Uprewards from transaction #2 for next week ;)

2 New Pampers Codes

These were new for me:


Monday, December 20, 2010

Disney DVD's for $9.99

When I did my shopping at Fred Meyer this morning, they are having a one day sale today where you can get select Disney BluRay DVD's (some are the combo packs w/ the DVD) for $9.99!
Alice in Wonderland
Prince of Persia
A Christmas Carol - Combo Pack
Beauty and the Beast- Combo Pack
Toy Story 3- Combo Pack
Sorcerers Apprentice- Combo Pack

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Staples - FREE batteries

Head on in to Staples to get FREE AA or AAA Duracell batteries - You will get 100% of the money back in Staples Rewards (you can sign up for the FREE program in store or online) that you can spend in store later.

Rite Aid 12/19 - 12/25

Benefiber $8.99
$4/1 any Benefiber printable
$1/1 Video Values coupon here
$2 SCR

Glad ForceFlex trash bags 2 for $13
Use 2 $2/1 printable
$.50/1 Video Values coupon - November
$1 +UP Reward wyb two
$1 SCR wyb two

GE adapters, taps, timers or powerstrips 50% off
Buy two 6-outlet power strip or 24-hour timer 2-pin, get $5 SCR

Motrin PM 20 ct $5.49
$1/1 printable
$2/1 in-ad coupon
Receive $3 +UP Reward
$.50 Moneymaker!

Tums 60-150 ct
Beano 15-30 ct 2/$8
$1/1 Tums printable
$1/1 Beano 30 ct or higher printable
$2/1 Beano Video Values coupon here
$2 +UP Reward wyb two

$2/1 printable OR printable
$2/1 in-ad coupon (excludes Overnight)
$2 +UP Reward
these usually start around $5, so possible moneymaker!

Clearasil Overnight face care
$2/1 printable OR printable
$5/1 in-ad coupon
$2 +UP Reward

L'oreal skin care and cosmetics BOGO 50% off
Buy two, get $5 +UP Reward
$3/2 any L'oreal Paris printable
$1/1 L'oreal Paris Go 360 Clean printable (
$2/1 L'oreal Paris Revitalift printable (
$1/1 any L'oreal skin cleanser printable (

Conair or Scunci brushes, combs and hair accessories
$10 +UP Reward when you spend $20

NYC Cosmetics- BOGO 50% off
Use $1/1 printable

Trident Layers - $1
Use .75/1 Trident coupon

GM Cereal - 2 for $5
$1/2 coupon
$2 up reward wyb 2
$1 each

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $1.99
$.75/2 Uncle Ben's printable
$.30/1 Uncle Ben's Video Values - November and December
$1 +UP Reward

Hormel bacon bits 3 oz 2/$3
$.55/2 any Hormel bacon toppings printable
$.50/1 Hormel bacon bits Video Values coupon (November)
$1 +UP Reward wyb two

Coke and Coke products 12-pack 3/$9.99
$2 +UP Reward wyb three

Ghirardelli, Hershey Kisses 2/$5
$1/2 Ghirardelli Intense Dark printable (
$.75/1 Ghirardelli Luxe printable
$.50/1 Ghirardelli Luxe printable
$1/2 video value coupon
$1/2 Hershey’s Kisses
$1 +UP Reward wyb two

Hershey, Reece's, M&M Mars Single Serve Candy Bars - 4 for $2
Use 2 $.50 off 2 Milky Way bars (there was also a BOGO FREE coupon in the paper last week on Hershey's)
Pay $1 out of pocket and get $1 up reward wyb 4! 4 FREE Milky Way's (which are my favorite candy bard btw!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Free Shipping at Disney

If you haven't taken advantage of the BOGO FREE on Plush and Pj's at the Disneystore yet, today they have FREE shipping on ANY order! I personally got the entire Phineas and Ferb bean bag set for $17 (4 plush toys!) - we have some BIG Phineas and Ferb fans in our house!

Not to mention the extra 5% back from Ebates!!

$5 off movie ticket

Get $5 off movie tickets at through this promotion. I HIGHLY recommend taking your kids to see Tangled if you have yet to do so. Or go see Harry Potter :) I have yet to use this promotion, but I assume you could buy each ticket separately and get $5 off each ticket

Free Lotion at Bath and Body Works

Here is a coupon for Facebook fans of Bath and Body works for a Free 2oz lotion of their new fragrances. Sabrina LOVES this store, so we will be in there this weekend picking up this freebie :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advil $3 Moneymaker at Rite Aid

Rite Aid had the Advil Congestion Relief on sale for $4.99 in the mid-week ad (I got it in the mail) with a $3 up Reward. In the Sunday Ad (also got it in the mail yesterday) there is a coupon for $1 off the Advil Congestion Relief and it states that you can also get a $1 up reward. There is also a $1 Single Check Rebate available. Also there is a $2 Manufacturer's coupon available.

I did it today and it worked. Here is the scenario:

Advil Congestion 10ct for $4.99
$1 off coupon in the Ad or there is also a Video Value coupon for $1 off
Pay $1.99 out of Pocket

Then you will get $4 in Up Rewards (1 $3 and 1 $1) and then submit for a $1 Single Check Rebate - Making this a $3 moneymaker!!

More Lego Deals

Still shopping for Legos??

Amazon has some Legos BOGO 50% off, and most of the sets offered are already 25-50% off! Sweet deal on Legos!!

Lego Games

So as many of you know, Legos are VERY popular in our house - here are some GREAT deals on some Lego games at amazon! You can bet I ordered this already ;) We love the lego games!

Lego Monster 4 Game - $7.99
Lego Race 3000 - $5.99 (originally $19.99!!)
Lego Magikus - $5.99
Lego Lava Dragon - $5.99

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

100 point Pampers code!

This expires TONIGHT - so put it in now!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Disney store BOGO Free has Pj's and stuffed animals on a BOGO free sale. Maybe I am just on a Disney kick still (having Disneyworld withdrawals already). You can mix and match - make a cute gift of Pj's and a matching stuffed animal!

Shop thru Ebates for another 10% back!

6 Lip Smackers for $3 shipped has Lip Smacker sets for only $3 with FREE shipping to your home. GREAT stocking stuffers if you have little girls :)

Shop Thru Ebates for another 3% back!

Free Yoplait

Fill this out and get a coupon for a free cup of Yoplait Yogurt

Rite Aid trip

Here is what I found at Rite Aid this morning:

Colgate Sensitive - $3.50
Get a $3.50 Up Reward

Hormel Completeats - $1.99
$1 off coupon in the Flu shot book
$1 Up Reward

Rite Aid Tape- BOGO FREE - $1.49
Get 2 $1 Up Rewards
$.50 Moneymaker! (great for all those gifts to wrap)

Rite Aid Evelopes - BOGO FREE - $2.29
Get 2 $1 Up Rewards
$.29 for 2 boxes of Evelopes

AirWick Candles - Buy $10 get $3 up Reward - They are $5.99 each and BOGO FREE
There was a $3 off 1 coupon in the SS on 11/14
or use this $2 off 1 coupon
So I bought 4, had 1 of the $3 off coupons and then used 3 of the $2 off coupons. It came out Free for all 4.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photo Gifts

I don't usually post about photo deals, mainly because there are so many of them and I can get it for free at my husband's work, so I don't ever look at them.

However, this one at looks like a GREAT deal through tonight!

Go here to Thrifty NW mom to check out the deal!

Also shop thru Ebates for an additional 12% back!

Redbox groupon

I fell asleep last night before posting this (very tired from all the travel and lack of sleep), but it is still available!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts the last 10 days! I have been enjoying 10 days of no internet and no cleaning or cooking! It was a wonderful vacation! I hope you all found some great deals while I was gone :) I came home to find a bunch of rebate checks, coupons for free stuff, and my FREE Raving Rabits game for the wii from Langers juice! (my computer is running REALLY slow, otherwise, I'd link you to the post about that, you can search for it) I can't believe it came so fast! One of the best Freebies ever (or so says Jonathan and Joseph who are playing it as I write this)

I will get back up and going soon! Once I get the house back in some sort of order ;)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Amazon music

Get a bunch of Free Christmas Music for FREE at amazon here

Another Pampers code

Here is another pampers code:


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

100 point Pampers code!

Use code LoveComesEarlyT and get 100 point Pampers Gifts to Grow points!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Bath and body works

Here is a new program from Bath and Body Works - sign up and they will send you a card that you can use and get a FREE product once a month on any Thursday of the month. I love Bath and Body Works - especially when we get free things :)

Fred Meyer Employee Discount

I wasn't going to post this, but Fred Meyer posted it on their facebook today, so I figure it is alright.

Click here and print an employee discount shopping pass and get all sort of discounts this week! You can combine it with the toy or home coupon in the ad to get an even better deal (I did this this morning). You could get some great deals on toys w/ the 10% off ad coupon and then the 15% off employee coupon. For example, they have Lego Harry Potter on sale for 20% off, then you can use the 10% off coupon in the ad, and then another 15% off employee discount!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rite Aid 11/28 - 12/4

Make sure to keep your receipts from now until Christmas and submit them online at because they are offering money back the more you spend! $5 for $25-$50; $10 for $50-$100; $20 for $100 you spend!

They have a bunch of Christmas items this week - you can look and decide if there is anything worth your while.

Here is what I am going in for this week (includes coupons from the paper)

NyQuil & DayQuil - 2 for $8
Get $2 up reward wyb 2
2 $1.50 off coupons from the PG insert this Sunday
1 FREE puff coupon when you buy 2 Vicks products

Hershey Kisses & Reeces - 2 for $5
get $2 up reward wyb 2
$1 off 2 coupon at
$1/2 Kisses Video Value Coupon
$1/2 Reeces Video Value Coupon

Gillette Fusion Razor $9
Get $5 Up reward
$4 coupon from PG insert this Sunday

Clorox Wipes, Toilet bowl cleaner, Pinesol, or Tilex - 2 for $4
Get a $1 Up reward wyb 2
$.50 off Clorox items video value (from last month)

Dial Hand Soap - $.99
$1 off Dial Hand Soap in the Flu shot booklet (hope you got this w/ the video value coupon last month)

Lysol Spray - 2 for $7
Get $1 up reward wyb 2
$1 off Lysol Spray Video Value coupon
$2 off Lysol Spray coupon in the Flu Shot coupon book
$1 for BOTH sprays after all coupons and up reward!

Lysol Cleaner and Wipes - BOGO FREE
$1.50 off Lysol Wipes in the Flu Shot book

Crest or Oral B toothbrushes - 2 for $5
$1 up reward wyb 2
$.75 off Oral B in the PG coupon insert this Sunday
$.75 off Crest in the PG coupon insert this Sunday
$1 off Oral B in the flu Shot coupon book
$1 off Crest Pro Health in the flu shot coupon book

Foamie Activity Kits and Craft projects - BOGO 50% off
There is a video value coupon this month for $5 off 2 - should be able to get a good deal :)

Looking for anymore deals head over here to couponconnectionsnw

$25 to spend at a small business

For those of you that didn't get a chance to take part in the american express small business day yesterday, they are extending the offer! Go here and register your american express card and you will get $25 statement credit when you spend $25 or more at a small business through 12/31!

This is a great way to support small business and save money!!! Sweet! I love this deal :) We went out to lunch to one of our favorite local eateries yesterday to use our $25 credit!

Fred Meyer 11/28 - 12/4

Another toy wish book this week! Harry Potter Legos are on sale! Plus take an extra 10% off toys (I have a link to a friends and family shopping pass where you get the discounts associates do - if you would like pass, send me an email because I wasn't sure if they wanted it posted on the internet. - it will give you 15% off toys and a bunch of other discounts!)

Bananas - $.38 - I buy bananas every week and they decide to put them on sale the week I am going on vacation :P

Flecher's Ham -$3.99 (deli counter) I LOVE black Forrest ham (again, on sale as I am leaving for vacation - maybe I'll just buy it and my brothers in law that are house sitting will finish it off)

Petite Sirloin steaks - $2.99lb

Organic mini carrots - 2 for $3

Large Avocados - 4 for $5

Ground Beef - $1.59lb

Italian Bread - $.99

in ad coupons

GM Cereal - $6 for 10
There are a bunch of e-coupons on, cellfire, shortcuts, etc/
also a $1 off 2 coupon at
This comes close to my $1 a box stock up price...

Country Oven Bread - 4 for $5
Bandon Cheese - $3.99

Wisk - $3.99

Michelina's Entrees - 2 for $1
Coupon here (I haven't printed it, so I don't know how much off it is)

Healthy Choice or Marie Callenders Entrees - 6 for $10

Staples - FREE batteries

Staples is running the sale that if you are a Staples Reward Customer (It's free to sign up), you can get 100% cash back when you buy a 20 pack of Duracell batteries. They did this a few months ago too..

I know we go through AA batteries quick around here! I will warn you that the reward comes back in the form of a cash coupon to spend at Staples in a month or so. It will expire a couple of months after you receive it. So be ready to spend that cash back at staples

$25 for your kids savings

You still have through today to get $25 for your kids savings at ingdirect! Don't miss out on getting them started saving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silly Bands

If your kids are not brand conscious, Shindigz has a coupon code for Free shipping and 15% off. They have Silly bands (not the name brand) starting at $.99 for a pack of 12, making them $.84 shipped!

Just enter Silly bands in the search box. Some are more than others - the cheaper ones are dinosaur, sealife, animal, and pop star. Use code WSTCAH when checking out.

My kids LOVE these (FYI, Quiznos has them in their kids meals, and kids eat FREE there with your adult meal)

Buy thru Ebates and get another 12% back! Excellent stocking stuffer!

Tillamook Cheese coupon

Here is something I never see! $1 off ANY Tillamook Cheese coupon - head over and Like them on facebook and get the coupon!

Tillamook is my FAVORITE and only kind of block cheese that I buy - so I am really excited. You can use it at Safeway this week where it is on sale for $3.99 (already a GREAT price - until the 25th) and get it for $2.99!

$2 off butter coupon!

Head over here and Like Challenge butter and get a $2 off coupon for their Tuscan butter! That makes it a $1 moneymaker at Fred Meyer with the Coupon in the Extra Savings booklet!

I bought this butter last week and it is yummy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pampers Codes

Here is another Pampers Gifts to Grow code:


$3 Amazon MP3

Here is another $3 amazon MP3 credit - Must use by the 29th!

Use code GET3MP3S

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Albertsons doublers

I always see posts on other sites that talk about Albertsons doublers - but we never get the around here, so I never post about them. I was talking to my friend, Natalie, about it today - because she was wondering the same thing. So she called our Albertsons here (because she is awesome like that) and apparently they are at the customer service desk - we just need to go ask for them!


I wish I had known that before I went this week - so I guess it pays to ask (literally!) Apparently they only come in the Salem paper - not ours :P So when I hear other people getting doublers, I will try and find out if we can get some and then let you know what would be a good deal. THey double up to $1 and it looks like you can have 3 per transaction. I admit, I am not a big Albertsons shopper, but I will go when they have a sweet deal. So now I (and you guys) know about these elusive Albertsons doublers... Thanks Natalie!!

Head over here to Happy Money Saver for some doubler ideas! Lots of FREEBIES!

Target 4 day sale

There are a couple of in ad coupons that can make for some great deals (you should be able to print them online too)

$5 off any Disney Blu-Ray

If you are looking for a Wii - $20 off any Wii System

$5 off 3 Hasbro Games

$5 off $10 Zhu Zhu

$5 off $14.99 Vtech

$5 off $19.99 Fisher Price toy

$5 off $14.99 Lego toy

20% off any 2 Bakugan

50% off any 2 Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, or Strawberry Shortcake

$5 off $17.99 Nerf Blaster

50% off any Disney Princess Doll, Role Play dress, or Play set

Other deals:


Carnation Evaporated Milk - $.89

Heinz gravy - $.79

Betty Crocker Potatoes

Stove Top Stuffing - $.79
$.08 for 2 boxes!!

French Fried Onions - $2.79

Cream of Mushroom Soup - $.50

Swanson Broth - $.50
$1/4 in the Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book

Wheat Thins $2
$.50 each when you buy 2

Pedigree 40lb Dog Food - $19.99 & get a $5 gift card w/ purchase (I am putting this up so I remember to pick it up since it is what our dog eats :) )

Fred Meyer 11/21 - 11/27

First off there is a coupon for 25% off ALL toys coupon in the ad (limit 3) - this would be great for any toys that rarely go on sale or don't go on sale that high. Since a good Lego sale is around 20% off, I think I may be getting some Legos with this :)

Ad coupons:

Jimmy Dean Roll Sausage - 2 for $4

Purex Laundry - $1.99

Martinellis - 2 for $4

Challenge Butter - 3 for $5

Nabisco Snack Crackers 3 for $5

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup 2 for $1

Marie Callendar's Pies $3.99

Freddy's Frozen Veggies - $.79

Tropicana OJ - 2 for $4

Other Deals:

Knudsen Sparkling Apple Cider 4 for $5 (my Thanksgiving is not complete without Sparking Cider!)

Broccoli or Cauliflower - $.68

Yams or Sweet Potatoes - $.57

Pineapples - 2 for $5

Pacific Food Organic Broth - 2 for $4

Rite Aid 11/21 - 11/27

Remember, I don't list items that you can't PRINT coupons for. If you get the paper, there may be more deals to be had :)

AMO Complete multi-purpose solution 12 oz $7.99
$7.99 SCR

Motrin PM 20 ct $4 -
$1/1 printable
$1/1 Video Values coupon here
$2 SCR

GE 6, 9 or 15 foot extension cords BOGO
Purchase three 6' cords, get $3 SCR Purchase three 9' cords, get $4 SCR Purchase three 15' cords, get $5 SCR.

L'oreal Excellence or Excellence-to-Go $8.99
$2/1 printable
$2/1 in-ad coupon
$2 +UP Reward

Bayer aspirin $5.99
$1.50/1 any Bayer AM printable -
$1 +UP Reward

Nature Made vitamins or herbal supplements * Spend $20 on participating products, get $10 +UP Reward
$1/1 Nature Made fish oil printable
$2/1 Nature Made CoQ10 printable
$2/1 any Nature Made Video Values coupon (November) here

Kellogg's Smart Start, Fiber Plus or Special K cereal Fiber Plus or Special K cereal bars 2/$5
$1/2 Smart Start printable
$1/3 any Kellogg's cereal printable
$1/1 Fiber Plus printable
$1 +UP Reward wyb two

Betty Crocker potatoes or pie crust mix, Heinz gravy, Stove Top stuffing, French's fried onions 2/$3
$1/3 Heinz gravy printable -
$1/2 Stove Top products printable
$1/2 Betty Crocker potatoes Video Values coupon here
$1 +UP Reward wyb two

Hormel bacon pieces 2/$3
.50/1 Video Values coupon here
$1 +UP Reward wyb two 75 cents each after reward!

Campbell's Chunky or Select Harvest soups Lindsay olives 2/$3
$1/2 Select Harvest printable
$1/2 Chunky printable
$1 +UP Reward wyb two

Lysol Healthy Touch hand soap kit $9.99
$3/1 printable
$2.50/1 in-ad coupon
$2 +UP Reward

Discovery Kids play tent $14.99
$2/1 Video Values coupon here
$2 +UP Reward

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick BOGO
Use 2 $.75/1 Lady Speed Stick w/ Stainguard printable
$1/1 Video Values coupon here

Clearasil products
$2/1 printable
$2/1 in-ad coupon

Nature's Bounty vitamins and supplements BOGO
$2/1 Nature's Bounty Your Life printable
$3/1 Flex-a-Min printable
$1/1 any Nature's Bounty printable

Hershey Kisses 2 for $5
$1 off 2 Video Values Coupon
$1 Up reward
$2 for 2 bags!

Chex Mix, Gardetto's or Bugles BOGO
.50/2 Chex Mix printable
.50/1 Chex Mix printable
.50/1 Bugles caramel or chocolate peanut butter printable