Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Rite Aid trip this week

I am really late with this... I probably won't be blogging to much in the next two weeks - our whole family is on vacation from school and work and I am spending very little time at the computer and lots and lots of time as a family :) It is wonderful!

But here is my BIG score at Rite Aid this week. I used up a bunch of my FREE coupons that I have gotten from various promotions, so I could be sure to get my Gift of Savings over the $100 mark, which I did, so I am getting another $20 back (I got $10 from this trip alone!). If you haven't already, be sure to add ALL your receipts from this month (since thanksgiving) to be able to get money back through their gift of savings program!! The program ends on Christmas day

Transaction #1 -
2 Duracell Batteries - $8.77 each
$3 off $15 purchase I got in an email (sign up for their emails if you haven't already)
2 $1.50 Duracell Battery coupons from the paper
$5 SCR
2 $1 up Rewards
$4.54 for 40 AA Batteries (they were packs w/ an additional $20 P&G coupon book and a Free travel Tide to Go pen!)

Transaction #2 -
Hershey's Pot Of Gold - $3.99
2 Hershey's Kisses - $5
2 Hershey's miniatures - $5
4 Cheerios - $10
2 Ghiradelli Chocolates - $5
4 Candy Bars - $2
Gain Dish Soap - $.88
Clearasil Overnight - $7.59 (w/my 20% discount
Clearasil Wash - $4.63 (w/ 20% discount)
Herbashine Hair color - $6.39
Huggies baby Wipes - $2.95
Advil - $3.75
Benefiber - $8.99
Cottonelle Wipes - $1.99
Coupons & Up Rewards received: (yes it took FOREVER to scan all the coupons and then I used previous Up rewards to pay... ya, it took awhile :P)
$5 off $25 coupon from Red Plum
Free Cottonelle Wipes Coupon (from their website awhile ago) - $1.99
Free Baby Wipes - $2.95 (from the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program!)
Free Advil - $3.75 (from a internet promotion a few months ago)
Free Herbashine hair color - $6.39 (the promotion from a few weeks ago)
$1 off Garnier Hair Color Video Values Coupon
$4 off Benefiber coupon from
$1 off Benefiber Video value coupon
2 $2 off Clearasil coupons
$2 off Clearasil Ad coupon
$5 off Clearasil overnight Ad coupon (both clearasil's were moneymakers with my 20% discount!)
$1 off Gain Dish Soap from the P&G booklet from here
BOGO Free Reeces coupon from newspaper
$.50 off 2 Milky Way coupon
$1 off 2 Ghiradelli Coupon
$1 off Hershey Miniatures Video Value coupon
$1 off Hershey Kisses Video Value Coupon
2 $1 Hershey Candy coupons from
2 $1 off GM cereals coupons from
$1 off Pot of Gold coupon from the paper
3 $1 Uprewards from the 4 Hershey's and 2 Ghiradelli
$1 Up reward for the Candy Bars
2 $2 Up rewards from the Cereal
2 $2 Up Rewards from the Clearasil
$2 Up Reward from Pot of Gold
$2 SCR for Benefiber
$4.08 Total

So $8.62 total for ALL that stuff, plus I got another $10 for my Gift of Savings (I had $10 before and it pushed me to over $100, for another $10 back!!), so it was a $1.38 Moneymaker if you count the Gift of Savings!!

I didn't pay anything out of pocket either from the previous Up Rewards I had from last week (I had lots from getting all that moneymaker tape last week) and have $14 in Uprewards from transaction #2 for next week ;)

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