Sunday, November 21, 2010

Albertsons doublers

I always see posts on other sites that talk about Albertsons doublers - but we never get the around here, so I never post about them. I was talking to my friend, Natalie, about it today - because she was wondering the same thing. So she called our Albertsons here (because she is awesome like that) and apparently they are at the customer service desk - we just need to go ask for them!


I wish I had known that before I went this week - so I guess it pays to ask (literally!) Apparently they only come in the Salem paper - not ours :P So when I hear other people getting doublers, I will try and find out if we can get some and then let you know what would be a good deal. THey double up to $1 and it looks like you can have 3 per transaction. I admit, I am not a big Albertsons shopper, but I will go when they have a sweet deal. So now I (and you guys) know about these elusive Albertsons doublers... Thanks Natalie!!

Head over here to Happy Money Saver for some doubler ideas! Lots of FREEBIES!

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