Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fred Meyer 11/28 - 12/4

Another toy wish book this week! Harry Potter Legos are on sale! Plus take an extra 10% off toys (I have a link to a friends and family shopping pass where you get the discounts associates do - if you would like pass, send me an email because I wasn't sure if they wanted it posted on the internet. - it will give you 15% off toys and a bunch of other discounts!)

Bananas - $.38 - I buy bananas every week and they decide to put them on sale the week I am going on vacation :P

Flecher's Ham -$3.99 (deli counter) I LOVE black Forrest ham (again, on sale as I am leaving for vacation - maybe I'll just buy it and my brothers in law that are house sitting will finish it off)

Petite Sirloin steaks - $2.99lb

Organic mini carrots - 2 for $3

Large Avocados - 4 for $5

Ground Beef - $1.59lb

Italian Bread - $.99

in ad coupons

GM Cereal - $6 for 10
There are a bunch of e-coupons on, cellfire, shortcuts, etc/
also a $1 off 2 coupon at
This comes close to my $1 a box stock up price...

Country Oven Bread - 4 for $5
Bandon Cheese - $3.99

Wisk - $3.99

Michelina's Entrees - 2 for $1
Coupon here (I haven't printed it, so I don't know how much off it is)

Healthy Choice or Marie Callenders Entrees - 6 for $10

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