Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Remember to GIVE

This week, we were able to clean out alot of this stuff I have been picking up at stores. I manage get many things for Free or make money almost every week - it adds up and I have managed to accumulate many items. When it is free, but a brand or something we don't necessarily use, I set is aside to give away. I figure it is free (or a moneymaker) and I am out anyway, I might as well get it and give it away. Plus I love doing all this couponing and shopping stuff :)

So in the spirit of the Holiday, we gathered up the stash of things to give away - that I started when I really got into couponing about 7 months ago (it all started with getting cheap diapers for our soon to be baby, that is now 5 months!! I have ALWAYS been a frugal/bargain shopper, but I REALLY got into it about then). We were able to donate over $150 worth of items today and we have another bag of stuff to go to another charity in town tomorrow that is about another $100 worth of items. All this stuff cost me nothing, but the time to go to the store and pick it up (and cut the coupons, but some, with things like Up Rewards, don't even require coupons!)

Remember to get a Tax donation slip when you drop this stuff off - I makes and EXCELLENT deduction on your taxes!! So make sure to go through your stashes before the end of the year and donate them so you can get a nice little tax deduction!!

You get to shop and get things for free, then you get to help out charities and people that can REALLY use the products, and you get a nice tax deduction!! It is a win, win all around :)

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and are safe, happy, and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones :)

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