Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rite Aid 10/17 - 10/23

YAY! Found 2 more moneymakers from the freebates! It is going to be a great week at Rite Aid (again!)

FYI - they have 2 new $1 off $1 purchase video value coupons - see link on sidebar to Video Values site

Simply Saline Adult Nasal Spray - $3.99
$1 off 1 coupon
$3.99 SCR
$1 Moneymaker!

Simply Saline Children's Nasal Spray - $3.99
$1 off 1 coupon
$3.99 SCR
$1 Moneymaker!

Other Freebates:
Biogaurd ear, nose, and throat care - $6.99
Body Heat Wraps - $2.99
Blink Tears Eye Drops - $7.99
Cold War - $3.99
Theramax Spray - $6.99
Cold Buster - $6.69

Here are the ones I listed earlier:

Thermacare back patch - $2.99
$1 off 1 coupon
$1 off 1 Video Value
$2.99 SCR
$2 moneymaker

Children's chestal honey cough syrup - $4.99
$1 off coupon (the one at the bottom)
$4.99 SCR
$1 moneymaker

Children's Oscillococcinum - $4.99
$2 off coupon
$4.99 SCR
$2 Moneymaker

Bee MD cough drops - $2.49
$1 moneymaker - now I am not sure if it worth the cost of a stamp to do this, but to each their own

some other Deals this week:

Huggies or Pampers Big Pack diapers - $19.99
$4 up reward
$2 Ad perk coupon (I used mine already)
$3 off 1 Huggies manufacturer coupon at
$1.50 off 1 Huggies at
$3 off 2 Huggies at
As low as $10.99

Arm and Hammer detergent - BOGO free

Buy $15 get $5 up reward
Theraflu - $4.49
Triaminic - $4.49

Nexcare bandages - BOGO 50% off

Clearasil - $2 off in ad coupon

Ziploc bags - 2 for $4
$1 up reward when you buy 2
$1.50 for 2!

Here is what I am planning:
Transaction #1
Huggies - $19.99 - I am hoping this is the regular price and I will get 20% off like I did a few weeks ago (fingers crossed!)
Children's Oscillococcinum - $4.99
Children's chestal honey cough syrup - $4.99
$2 coupon for Oscillococcinum
$1 coupon for cough syrup
$3 coupon for Huggies
SCR for both the medicines @ $4.99 a piece
$1 off $1 purchase (if can be used with the $5 off $25 - I haven't used both before since these are NEW coupons)
$4 up reward from diapers
Total: $3.99! and if I do get my 20% off - FREE!!

Transaction #2
Thermacare back patch - $2.99
Simply Saline Adult Nasal Spray - $3.99
Simply Saline Children's Nasal Spray - $3.99
Biogaurd ear, nose, and throat care - $6.99
Body Heat Wraps - $2.99
Blink Tears Eye Drops - $7.99
Cold War - $3.99
Theramax Spray - $6.99
Cold Buster - $6.69
2 $1 coupon for theramcare
2 $1 coupon for Simply Saline
$1 off $1 purchase
Total (all these are Free after rebate) - $10 moneymaker!

So if all goes well (and can use the $1 off $1 w/the $5 off $25 coupons) I will make between $6 -$10 at Rite Aid this week :) That is including a BIG box of diapers and all that cold medicine. If you are going to do more than 1 transaction, do all your up-reward items first, then all the freebates, because you can use up all your up-rewards to lower the out-of-pocket cost of the freebates, plus you don't have to keep track of them :)

FYI- you could easily just buy all the FREEBATES, split them into 2 transactions, use 2 $5 off $25 coupons, 2 $1 off $1 coupons and then the $7 in coupons to MAKE $19 this week!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fred Meyer Anniversary sale

This is usually on of the BEST sales of the year at Fred Meyer!

I hope you get their email's, because I got a TRIPLE rewards coupon - if not, go to their site and sign up!

Organic Apples - $.78

Foster Farms Chicken Breasts - $.97lb (FYI -these do have the bone-in)

Campbell's Healthy Harvest or chunky soup - $10 for $10 in ad coupon
$1 off 2 Fred Meyer e-coupon (go to their site and load to your card)
$1 off 2 coupon from

2lb Tillamook Cheese - 3.99 in ad coupon

Tillamook Yogurt - 10 for $3 in ad coupon - their french vanilla is soooo good!

Tillamook Ice Cream - 2 for $5 in ad coupon- seriously try out the Sticky Bun limited edition flavor. It is sooooo good!!!

Country Oven Bread - $10 for $10 in ad coupon

Charmin or bounty - $4.99 in ad coupon
$1 off Bounty Fred Meyer e-coupon
$3 off Charmin Fred Meyer e-coupon (I used mine last time they had the $4.99 coupon, so I don't have it anymore, so hopefully it is still available if you haven't used it)
$1.99 for Charmin! - this is a GREAT deal!

Tide - $4.99
$1 Fred Meyer ecoupon
$3.99 - no coupons to clip!

Shrimp - $3.99

Challenge butter - 2 for $5
or 2 $.55 coupons from

Treetop, Ocean Spray, Northland Juices - 2 for $3 in ad coupon
$1 off 2 Northland coupon
2 for $2 for Northland

Fritos or cheetos - $4 for 5 in ad coupon

Pineapple - $1.88

GM cereals - $3 for $5
There are MANY coupons out there depending on the cereal you want
Check Fred Meyer e-coupons and cellfire for several $.55 off various types and also have several $.55 and and $1 off 3 coupons
Potential savings of $1.10 a box making it only $.56 a box!!!

Seventh Generations products - 50% off
Various coupons here

Fresh express salad - BOGO FREE
Play spinner game - print 2 $.50 salad kit coupons

Ghiradelli Chocolate Bars - $3 for $5
$1 off 2 Intense Dark bars

Various Deli mets - $4.88 - I have an addiction to black forest ham right now

Color Wonder - $5.99 - our kids LOVE these (going to get some for our airplane trip!)
Hot Wheels tracks and playsets - BOGO FREE
Selected Fisher Price toys - $4.99
Disney Dolls $9.99 (regular prices start @ 19.99 - so 50% off)
Hotwheels, matchbox, littlest pet shop singles, puzzles - BOGO FREE

Lots of various clothes on sale:
$3.99 infant/toddler kidscorner playwear
$4.99 4-7 kidscorner playwear
Men's screen tees - $4.99
Athletic shoes - 50% off (hmm.. I have a 20% off rewards coupon for shoes, could make a great deal!)

20% off arts and crafts
Baker's secret bakeware - 50% off
Wilton's bakewere - BOGO FREE
Sheets and towels - BOGO FREE

Lots of various electronic and household things on sale -depending on what you are looking for :)

New Pampers Code

Here is another 10 pt pampers gifts to grow code:

Rite Aid Moneymakers next week

Rite Aid has yet another page of FREEBATES next week (you still have time to get this week's FREEBATES, mix them with a $5 off 25 coupon and make $5 - see previous post or check Rite Aid's ad for all the freebates - they were all together on an end cap at my rite aid, so they are REALLY easy to find!).

I thought I would list a couple of them for next week that you can print coupons for now and make some money on them. Rite Aid Single Check Rebates (SCR) are really EASY to do - just go to their website, enter your receipt info, and that's it. You can request your check at the end of the month.

I will have a full match-up of their weekly deals on Sunday (sometime after church)

Print your $5 off 25 here or the video values site

Thermacare back patch - $2.99
$1 off 1 coupon
$1 off 1 Video Value
$2.99 SCR
$2 moneymaker

Children's chestal honey cough syrup - $4.99
$1 off coupon (the one at the bottom)
$4.99 SCR
$1 moneymaker

Children's Oscillococcinum - $4.99
$2 off coupon
$4.99 SCR
$2 Moneymaker

Bee MD cough drops - $2.49
$1 moneymaker - now I am not sure if it worth the cost of a stamp to do this, but to each their own

If you need diapers - print the $1.50 off Huggies diapers coupon from and there should be a good deal on those this week also :) (details to come)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Awesome Safeway trip - cheap tp and make $$ buying cookie dough!!!

FYI - I will usually do a Safeway trip on Thursday evenings (while my daughter is in gymnastics), so I will update Thursday evenings if I find any more deals!

The Safeway in Corvallis (next to HP) is having a re-opening sale. They have coupons on their ads for 20% off meat/seafood, $.79 French Bread, and a FREE pre-packaged deli entree. They were out of the entrees tonight, so I got a raincheck, but they said they would have more tomorrow. I didn't know this going on there, so I was pleasantly surprised!

So here is what I got - the great thing is I only took 3 coupons w/ me!!!

They have a coupon in the Ad for $4.99 for 12 pack double rolls of Cottonelle TP. They have blinkie coupons in the aisle for $2 off 1 package. There is also a catalina for $2 when you buy 2. So I bought 2 for $9.98. Used 2 $2 coupons from the aisle (cannot double these), making it $5.98. I then got a $2 catalina, making it $3.98 for 2 packages or only $1.99 EACH!!

If you don't like hanging onto catalina's, just buy these 2 first, and then do the rest of your groceries in another order and use it up :)

At the Safeway I went to, they had the Halloween Pillsbury cookies with 50% off sticker coupons on them. They are also apart of the coupon in the ad for $1.99 Pillsbury cookie dough. Since I hadn't planned on buying these, they also happened to have a blinkie coupon for $1.25 off 2 Pillsbury cookie dough in the aisle. So I got them thinking they would be a good deal. They were better than I hoped! They scanned the 50% off the original price of $3.29, so for the 2 I got $3.30 off at the end of my receipt. She then then scanned the coupon and made the dough $1.99 each, so $4 for the 2. I then had the $1.25 coupon for 2 and apparently an e-coupon for another $1 off (I think it was cellfire, but it might have been shortcuts, check both of them) So here is the breakdown:
$4 for 2 packages of cookie dough (using coupon in AD)
- $3.30 for the 50% off original price sticker coupons
- $1.25 off 2 coupon from the aisle
- $1 e coupon
PROFIT of $1.55
FYI- they had LOTS of these cookies when I was there tonight

They also had their Safeway brand Halloween chocolate chip cookie dough w/ the 50% off stickers, so they come out to a $1

I messed up and apparently loaded my Progresso cellfire coupons to my Fred Meyer card, so I didn't get that coupon off :P Oh well, still not a bad price at $.63 each - (see previous safeway post)

I got the Sweet Rewards brownie bites (same Ad coupon as the cookie dough above) for a PROFIT of $.50 - see my previous post for that

I had a coupon from the paper for $.50 off Yakisoba noodles (Joseph likes these for his lunch drawer for when he forgets to take a lunch) and they are buy one get one FREE right now - so I got 2 for $.79

I got Ground Beef because I had a $2 catalina for meat that was going to expire today, so with the 20% off coupon and the catalina, I got 6lbs of meat for $6! I guess we'll be trying out ground beef...

I also got some salad, grapes, and tortillas for a total of around $18 for all that.

Free Gum

"Like" Extra Gum on facebook and get a free pack of their desserts gum sent to you. I know my kids are going to love this one :)

Pampers Codes

Even if you don't have a baby, sign up for Pampers gifts to Grow rewards because they have many different reward options (like shutterfly gifts, magazines, etc). I'll post point codes when I come across them. Here are a few high value ones to get you started:


Free Redbox Rental - today only

You can get a FREE redbox rental for TODAY ONLY if you text TREAT to 727272

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pasta coupon

I love it when I get $1 off pasta coupons, because it often means free pasta! We only buy the Whole wheat, which is often more expensive, so I stock up when it is on sale.

Go to Ronzoni facbook page and print a $1 off coupons (hit the back button and print 2). This is OFTEN on sale at Fred Meyer for $1 (it might be now, I haven't checked) and if it goes on sale at Safeway, we can double it for $1.50 off - so if they go on sale, they could be better than free! So print it before it goes away!

Lego Master Builder

Washington Square Mall is having a Lego Master Builder event again this year! We went to this last year (and are of course planning on going this weekend after my 5K) and the kids had a great time and they even gave out some freebies (no guarantees on that this year though). Some free family family fun if you're headed to Portland :)

The details are here

Safeway deals 10/13 - 10/19

Here's what I found in the safeway ad this week:

Grapes - $.99 - not the BEST price, but decent

Broccoli or Cauliflower - $.88

Fresh Express Salad - $.99

2lb baby carrots - 2 for $4 - my kids gobble these up!

Ground Beef - $1.69lb - I usually buy ground turkey.. is this seems like a good price - those of you who buy ground beef, is this a good price?

Sweet moments - $1.99 with in AD coupon
load $1 off 1 on cellfire
Print $1 off 1 at or $1.50 off here (hit the back button on your browser to print 2)
FREE! or better than FREE - I have gotten MANY of these free with all the coupons, since they introduced them. We get the brownie bites and share them as a family for an after dinner treat :)

Mission Tortillas - $1.29 w/ in Ad coupon

Progresso Soups - $.88 w/ Ad coupon
Load $.50 off 2 from cellfire
$.50 off 2 from
Print $1 off 4 (facebook coupons)
$1.52 for 4 or $.38 each

Peppridge farm cookies - BOGO Free
Print 2 $1 off

Did you find any other good deals??

facebook page

Working on getting the facebook page up and going - feel free to "like" it and hopefully I will get this all figured out and you can get the blog in your news feed :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I guess I am evolving this blog... I'll try and put up Fred Meyer, Target, Safeway, RiteAId, and Albertsons deals each week. I don't usually shop Walgreen's anymore, because ours here sucks and doesn't ever seem to have the good deals in stock - I also not a fan of Kmart... I'll post sales at different stores, like Old Navy, Toys R Us, Staples, Kohls, etc. that seem like good deals. Also deals online that I find. I'll try and let you know when to REALLY stock up on something, or when it is just a decent deal... I'll try and do the best diaper deals for the week (so in case you REALLY need them you'll know where to go)

I will be working on getting a facebook page up and going...

Please email, post on facebook, leave a comment, if you find a deal and want to share it, and I'll share it with everyone! Please share, I can't find everything.. If you find a great deal online or in the store, or find a certain clearance steal (let me know of any "extra" off clearance sale you find!!), let us know! Or if I miss anything - like we don't drink milk around here, so I have no idea what milk costs - you can fill everyone in for me! Also any community events or activities that would be fun and you want to share, let me know. I always seem the last to know about some fun activities in the area, so PLEASE share them, so we can all join in the fun.

I don't get a newspaper, so I won't usually post things you need newspaper coupons for (feel free to submit those deals for me). I have 3 different computers, so I am able to get most coupons... I did get the paper for awhile, but didn't find it more useful than just printing the coupons, so I quit getting it :P Make sure you set your printer to "fast draft" to save ink and just do grayscale/black and white and save the more expensive color ink....

So let's share fun events and all save some money!!

Here are a few things to get started:

Sign up for Ebates if you have yet to do so - When you want to buy something online, go to their site, and then click on the site you wan to buy from and you'll get $$ back (Ebates will cut you a check a couple of times a year). I have been using them for year and have gotten over $250 back. For example, when we were buying our freezer, I could have just gone into Sears to order it instead I ordered online at the same price and shopped through Ebates and got $30 back!!

Upromise is yet another site to get money back on purchases and save for your kids college. See my post on it here. They also have coupons you can load to your various cards.

Cellfire - you can load coupons to your Safeway and Fred Meyer cards.. I have an app for my iPhone, but you can do it on their website too - another place to load coupons to your cards

Both the Safeway and Fred Meyer websites let you load even more coupons to your card

Sign up for Mypoints - I send it to my junk mail and click on their emails and make points. But they are great for printing your and coupons. If you print them from their site, you get points! So get even more from using coupons. I get enough points every year to get restaurant gift cards for when we travel - like to Rainforest cafe (when we go to Disneyland) or Outback steakhouse, but they have lots of options for your points and who can argue with free gift cards?!?! PLEASE Send an email ( or comment and I'll send you an invite to join! (I get point for referring you then!) also had lots of coupons (they aren't on mypoints yet...)

I'll also list individual product websites to find coupons to match with sales, or often if you "like" a product on facebook, you can get a great coupons (I'll list them as I find them - or let me know if you find a good one!)

Rite Aid has their Video Values site - watch videos and get coupons you can stack with manufactures coupons. I have gotten so many good deals from these coupons! Watch any you think you might use - you must watch them in the month before they go away and put up new ones, but are good until the next month also has coupons to print that you can stack with manufactures coupons. Again lots of good deals to be had because of this!

This week deals

I will do more detailed and separate posts starting next week, but here is the one I put on my other blog this week to get us started:

I LOVE Rite Aid - I always get tons of free stuff (often making money!!), and cheap diapers. Yeah, I have an addiction. I used up all my up-rewards, so if I wanted to quit, now would be the time.... but I don't think it will happen (I'll detail my trip later in the post)

I have gotten so many comments that you like me posting my deals, I'll try and be better on putting them up every week (adding an *updated* to the title if I find anything later in the week), I have been lax since having Oliver :P Make sure to check out my last post on some Clearance deals I found at Target and the gifts that I made them into! Yes, I got my Martha Stewart on last week (happens like once or twice a year :P)

Freddy's has an awesome toy sale this week. Freddy's ALWAYS has awesome toy sales in October - so this is the time to get those gifts early! As you can tell from my last post, I like getting everything done EARLY!

I picked up this ball popper for Oliver for $5.99! On sale for $10.99 and has a coupon for $5 off (normal price is $22)

Got this $20 Nerf Gun for Jonathan for $9.99! (no coupons!) They are also having a great sale - buy one get one free- on girl stuff like strawberry shortcake, barbies, littlest pet shop, Polly pocket, etc. (I would have stocked up, but I already am set on that stuff for Sabrina). So if you need any of this stuff for Christmas or birthdays - head to Freddy's and stock up this week!

Sabrina asked for one of these roll around drawers for all her art supplies for Christmas - $9.99 on sale at Target (sorry, I took the picture crooked apparently :P)

I got all this stuff at Rite Aid and I ended up making a little over $1 on it!!! That is including the expensive Mucinex (this stuff is about $12 each normally - but it REALLY works well for me, stops a cold at the start!). I didn't even need to buy the Lysol spray (cost was $1.50) to get the Lysol deal this week, (the Purex laundry detergent and Lysol wipes would have been enough, but I thought since I have 20% off everyday prices it would be under $10, but that wasn't the case), but at least $1.50 is a good price for Lysol and I LOVE Lysol spray (we have about 8 cans in our storage)...

I also could have split it up into another transaction (I did 3 transactions as it was) and used another $5 off $25 coupon, but 3 transactions was more than enough for me because I think my head would have exploded (and tried the patience of a 5 year old and 2.5 month old) trying to figure out how best to split it again :P but I still made money on it, so that's all that matters :) Plus we are all ready for cold season now :P

I'll try and list everything I used/did, but some are not available, so hopefully you already watched/printed the coupons.... I also got a paper this weekend - no idea why, just showed up at our house, so I used some coupons from it...
Transaction #1
$5 off $25 (video value, redplum, or this pdf)
$1 off a $10 Cold and Flu Purchase (I got this in an email from Rite Aid)
6 Renuzit air freshener (holiday scent) - $3 for $3, $1 up reward, and used a buy 3 get 3 Free coupon (from paper) = $2 for 6
1 Gain Dish Soap - $.89, $1 off coupon from Sunday paper = FREE
2 Playtex tampons - 2 for $8 - 2 $2 off coupon from, $2 video value coupon, and $2 up reward = FREE
Mucinex DM - $11.99, $1.50 video value coupon, $3 up Reward = $7.49
Children's Mucinex - $7.99, $1.50 video value coupon, $2 up reward = $4.49
Total - $7.98 after up rewards & coupons

Transaction #2 -
$5 off $25
$.50 off $5 purchase of candy (emailed to me)
Lysol Spray - $3.50, $1 video value coupon, $1 coupon = $1.50
2 Lysol Wipes - $3.49 (BOGO FREE) -$1 video value, $1 coupon = $1.50 for 2
2 Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets - $8.99 (BOGO FREE) - $3 coupon from paper, and $1 coupon
(could just use 2 of the $1 off coupons) = $4.99 for 2
$3 up reward for buying $10 of the above products
2 Garnier nutrisse facial cleaner- $6.49 for 1 & $3.24 for second (BOGO 50% off) - 2 $2 off video value coupons (one is from September), 2 $2 coupons from, get a $3 up reward = $1.27 MONEYMAKER! (even if you don't have the September coupon it would be $.73 for the 2!)
3 Candy bags (1Reeces, 2Kitkat) - 2 for $4 - $1 off coupon from, $1 video value, and $1 up reward = $3
1 Garnier shampoo $2.50 - $1 off coupon at, $1 video value = $.50
Total = $1.72 after coupons and up rewards

Transaction #3 - did ALL of the FREE after single check rebate in this transaction and used up ALL of the up rewards I had (hence why I did it LAST) - So this transaction is all FREE after rebate :)
$5 off $25
NasaDock (for Joseph's neti-pot)
Nasal Spray
Nasal Spray Gel - Mail in rebate for an additional $5.99
Palmers lip balm (stocking stuffer for Sabrina!!)
Pediacare vapor plug-in
Total = PROFIT of $10.99 after rebates! My Rite Aid had all of these together on an end cap - VERY easy to find and they had LOTS of them in stock!

Add all of it up and I had a profit of $1.29 (after rebates) - used up all my up rewards (even my ones from last week, so I didn't have much out of pocket) and have about $52.40 coming back in rebates and Rite Aid SCR are so EASY :)

Busy Bee

I was at Target early this week and saw some pillowcases and towels on clearance. That got the wheels turning in my head and I thought of all these different projects I could do with them for Christmas. If you know me, I cannot sew AT ALL - a straight line is about all I can accomplish. So these were all easy projects - none taking over an hour (which with a 2.5 month old, is important!!). I took me about 4 days to complete all of them....

I made them for Christmas - mostly for Sabrina... She has been wanting dresses/skirts - so these came out cute and cheap! She is always wanting me to make her stuff, but unfortunately she was blessed with a mom severely lacking in sewing skills :P These should make her pretty happy and now I have a bunch of stuff ready for Christmas already :)

My FAVORITE thing I made is at the bottom, so make sure to check them out. I was REALLY impressed with myself for making them and coming up with it. I had no pattern, and couldn't find anything on the Internet that matched what I was wanting to make - so I winged it... and they turned out better than I hoped!! I also made 4 hair ties and a headband out of the leftover fabrics :) (didn't take pictures of them)

So these are the pillowcase dresses I made. The pillowcases at Target were REALLY nice (400+ tread count - really soft and silky). For 2 King size purple ones, it was $4.50, and 2 Queen size pink ones were $3.50. I went and bought some pretty sheer/pearl fabric to put over the pillowcases, to try and make it a bit fancier. I thought the fabric I chose was on sale for $2.99, but apparently I picked one that was $8.99! Yikes - I didn't notice until checking out... Luckily, the ladies at JoAnn's gave me a 50% off coupon making it $4.50 - so I decided not to return it...

So total cost for each one: $7.25
Purple one - $2.25 for pillowcase, $4.50 for the outer fabric, and $.50 for elastic at the top. Since this was a King size pillowcase and longer than I needed, I used the extra fabric for the ties and belt.. If I had gotten the right, on sale fabric, the total would have only been $5.75 :P
Pink one - $1.75 for pillowcase, $4.50 for outer fabric, $.50 for elastic, and $.50 for fabric for straps/belt.
There was also enough of the outer fabric for an extra belt (in pink one picture) for either dress

Now I just need to buy her a new pink and a white shirt to wear under them

This is what I did with the other pillowcases (there were 2 in each set). I cut them in half and made skirts. Sabrina has been eying these skirts at Target that have a bunch of tulle on them - they are about $12 :P So these are what I came up with. One pink and one purple have 1 layer of tulle each and the other pink and purple each have 3 layers of tulle.

The purple ones came out to less than $6 for 2 ($3 each!) - $2.25 for the pillowcase, $2.38 for 2yds of tulle, $.50 for elastic, and $.79 for the belting to tie the waist

The pink ones were about $5.50 for the 2 - the same break down as the purple, only the pillowcases were only $1.75..

I think I am going to buy her some black leggings to wear under the pink ones...

Belts - Sabrina has been asking for belts.. Why? I have no idea, but they are like $8-10 in the store, so I have yet to get her any. So when I was buying the stuff for the dresses/skirts, I found belting - I didn't even know they sold this (I told you NO sewing skills - I have no idea what they sell :P). So I bought some - apparently enough to make 6. and they were super EASY to make and way cheap! I ended up making 2 more, because Jonathan saw I was making them and said he wanted one too - so I went and bought some black belting and made him 2 :)

Cost: $2.05 a piece - belting was $1.99 a yard, I used .75 of a yard for each belt, plus had a 40% off coupon for the belting. The hardware was $2.29 and was enough for 2 belts (so $1.15 each belt).

These are my favorite things I made. The kids have been asking for robes - mainly because Oliver got one as a gift and they think it is pretty cool. At the store they are at least $20, so I refused to get them their own. Well, when I saw the SUPER SOFT and FLUFFY towels on clearance at Target, I thought I could make them some. I could not find a pattern or anything online that matched what I wanted. So I figured it out myself and I am quite excited I was able to do it and they turned out so well!

So each towel was on clearance for $3.50. I bought 3 to complete the project (if you only wanted to make one, use one towel and one hand towel). S0 each robe used 1.5 towels coming to a total of $5.25 per robe (and they are REALLY soft, fluffy, and nice towels!).

Here is how I made them - in case anyone is interested - Super easy, cheap, and a cute gift:

Fold the towel in half and then half again; cut at an angle, thus making a circle in the middle of the towel (for the head)
Unfold the towel and fold it in half lengthwise and cut one side the towel to the hole (making the front opening of the robe)
Fold about a half an inch around the edges you just cut and sew around it (to make a nice edge and help with the fraying)
Take a hand towel (or if like me, cut a hand towel size piece from a bigger towel) and sew it to the head hole you made.
Then sew along the top of the hand towel (on the inside), making it into a hood
On the open sides, mine were about 30 inches long (each side). Make sure you turn inside out. I cut in about 4-5 inches with 10 inches at the top for the sleeves and 20 at the bottom. I sewed the bottom 20 inches together (4-5 inches from the edge), creating the side. I then just sewed the the bottom of the sleeves together to make them into sleeves (make sure to do this on the inside).
And you're done! Turn right side out and you've got a robe. I sewed on pockets because I had extra towel leftover and made belts out of the extra towel.
They are really cute and as you can see really easy! I know my kids are going to be so excited about them!