Thursday, December 23, 2010

$1 off Cream Cheese and Ritz

Go Print this coupon before it it reaches it's limit! It will mean some FREE Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It often goes on sale for $1, in fact, this week at Fred Meyer it is $1 with the in Ad coupon! It will print both a coupon for the Cream Cheese and the Ritz Crackers on the same page...

I am thinking so Cheesecake is in our future....

Investing in the new year

I got an email from my dad this morning reminding me that with the new tax bill that was just passed, the government will be taking 2% less of your salary this year for Social Security (FICA). YAY! Since I doubt it will be around when we retire, I would much rather invest it myself.

May I suggest that (especially if you didn't know this was coming) you invest this 2% in your retirement and jump start or pad your savings!

First, if you have a work retirement plan (401K, TSP, 403B, whatever is available) where they MATCH your contribution, you BETTER be putting money into that account (but only up to the match, unless you have lots of extra $$). You are THROWING away FREE money if you are not! Seriously go sign up for it NOW (don't wait) if they match any amount of your contribution! You can't pass up free money and you won't be able to make that return on your money anywhere else!

If you already contribute to the plan up to the match, or your work does not match it, then open up a ROTH IRA at any discount brokerage (we personally use Fidelity, but there are MANY good ones out there!). We are still at historically low tax rates, so take advatage of them NOW and get tax free money in your retirement. If you have kids, you are in a lower tax bracket then you will be in retirement! We know the tax rate will have to go up, so take advantage of the low rates and pay it now, and live a tax free retirement :)

Take that extra 2% and have it AUTOMATICALLY withdrawn from your account into a Roth IRA (or into your work's retirement account). Then you will never realize the extra money you have and spend it. You also don't have to make the conscious decision to save it either.

If you have maxed out both your work retirement match and your ROTH IRA's (you can have 2 if you are married, one for each), then I want the kind of money you are making! Just kidding :) Then, if you have kids, open or contribute more to their 529 accounts for college. Here in Oregon, you get a nice little tax deduction if you contribute for your children into the state's plan. So you get tax free money for college and a tax deduction for contributing.

So please do not consider this money extra money to spend - look at it as extra money for your future and get saving (or adding to) for your retirement!

BOGO Free at Fandango

Go here and get BOGO FREE tickets at Fandango

Enter code SAMSUNGTAB to get the FREE ticket at checkout

if you have a visa signature card go here and buy Fandango bucks at 20% off FIRST, and then you get 20% off the first ticket and the second ticket FREE with this promotion (there is also a BOGO FREE ticket promotion for TRON legacy on the Visa signature page)

I missed out on the $5 off coupon earlier this week because I took too long to buy and the promotion ran out early :P So I am taking advantage of this one right away :)

FREE $2 MP3 Credit at Amazon

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Remember to GIVE

This week, we were able to clean out alot of this stuff I have been picking up at stores. I manage get many things for Free or make money almost every week - it adds up and I have managed to accumulate many items. When it is free, but a brand or something we don't necessarily use, I set is aside to give away. I figure it is free (or a moneymaker) and I am out anyway, I might as well get it and give it away. Plus I love doing all this couponing and shopping stuff :)

So in the spirit of the Holiday, we gathered up the stash of things to give away - that I started when I really got into couponing about 7 months ago (it all started with getting cheap diapers for our soon to be baby, that is now 5 months!! I have ALWAYS been a frugal/bargain shopper, but I REALLY got into it about then). We were able to donate over $150 worth of items today and we have another bag of stuff to go to another charity in town tomorrow that is about another $100 worth of items. All this stuff cost me nothing, but the time to go to the store and pick it up (and cut the coupons, but some, with things like Up Rewards, don't even require coupons!)

Remember to get a Tax donation slip when you drop this stuff off - I makes and EXCELLENT deduction on your taxes!! So make sure to go through your stashes before the end of the year and donate them so you can get a nice little tax deduction!!

You get to shop and get things for free, then you get to help out charities and people that can REALLY use the products, and you get a nice tax deduction!! It is a win, win all around :)

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and are safe, happy, and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones :)

My Rite Aid trip this week

I am really late with this... I probably won't be blogging to much in the next two weeks - our whole family is on vacation from school and work and I am spending very little time at the computer and lots and lots of time as a family :) It is wonderful!

But here is my BIG score at Rite Aid this week. I used up a bunch of my FREE coupons that I have gotten from various promotions, so I could be sure to get my Gift of Savings over the $100 mark, which I did, so I am getting another $20 back (I got $10 from this trip alone!). If you haven't already, be sure to add ALL your receipts from this month (since thanksgiving) to be able to get money back through their gift of savings program!! The program ends on Christmas day

Transaction #1 -
2 Duracell Batteries - $8.77 each
$3 off $15 purchase I got in an email (sign up for their emails if you haven't already)
2 $1.50 Duracell Battery coupons from the paper
$5 SCR
2 $1 up Rewards
$4.54 for 40 AA Batteries (they were packs w/ an additional $20 P&G coupon book and a Free travel Tide to Go pen!)

Transaction #2 -
Hershey's Pot Of Gold - $3.99
2 Hershey's Kisses - $5
2 Hershey's miniatures - $5
4 Cheerios - $10
2 Ghiradelli Chocolates - $5
4 Candy Bars - $2
Gain Dish Soap - $.88
Clearasil Overnight - $7.59 (w/my 20% discount
Clearasil Wash - $4.63 (w/ 20% discount)
Herbashine Hair color - $6.39
Huggies baby Wipes - $2.95
Advil - $3.75
Benefiber - $8.99
Cottonelle Wipes - $1.99
Coupons & Up Rewards received: (yes it took FOREVER to scan all the coupons and then I used previous Up rewards to pay... ya, it took awhile :P)
$5 off $25 coupon from Red Plum
Free Cottonelle Wipes Coupon (from their website awhile ago) - $1.99
Free Baby Wipes - $2.95 (from the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program!)
Free Advil - $3.75 (from a internet promotion a few months ago)
Free Herbashine hair color - $6.39 (the promotion from a few weeks ago)
$1 off Garnier Hair Color Video Values Coupon
$4 off Benefiber coupon from
$1 off Benefiber Video value coupon
2 $2 off Clearasil coupons
$2 off Clearasil Ad coupon
$5 off Clearasil overnight Ad coupon (both clearasil's were moneymakers with my 20% discount!)
$1 off Gain Dish Soap from the P&G booklet from here
BOGO Free Reeces coupon from newspaper
$.50 off 2 Milky Way coupon
$1 off 2 Ghiradelli Coupon
$1 off Hershey Miniatures Video Value coupon
$1 off Hershey Kisses Video Value Coupon
2 $1 Hershey Candy coupons from
2 $1 off GM cereals coupons from
$1 off Pot of Gold coupon from the paper
3 $1 Uprewards from the 4 Hershey's and 2 Ghiradelli
$1 Up reward for the Candy Bars
2 $2 Up rewards from the Cereal
2 $2 Up Rewards from the Clearasil
$2 Up Reward from Pot of Gold
$2 SCR for Benefiber
$4.08 Total

So $8.62 total for ALL that stuff, plus I got another $10 for my Gift of Savings (I had $10 before and it pushed me to over $100, for another $10 back!!), so it was a $1.38 Moneymaker if you count the Gift of Savings!!

I didn't pay anything out of pocket either from the previous Up Rewards I had from last week (I had lots from getting all that moneymaker tape last week) and have $14 in Uprewards from transaction #2 for next week ;)

2 New Pampers Codes

These were new for me:


Monday, December 20, 2010

Disney DVD's for $9.99

When I did my shopping at Fred Meyer this morning, they are having a one day sale today where you can get select Disney BluRay DVD's (some are the combo packs w/ the DVD) for $9.99!
Alice in Wonderland
Prince of Persia
A Christmas Carol - Combo Pack
Beauty and the Beast- Combo Pack
Toy Story 3- Combo Pack
Sorcerers Apprentice- Combo Pack

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Staples - FREE batteries

Head on in to Staples to get FREE AA or AAA Duracell batteries - You will get 100% of the money back in Staples Rewards (you can sign up for the FREE program in store or online) that you can spend in store later.

Rite Aid 12/19 - 12/25

Benefiber $8.99
$4/1 any Benefiber printable
$1/1 Video Values coupon here
$2 SCR

Glad ForceFlex trash bags 2 for $13
Use 2 $2/1 printable
$.50/1 Video Values coupon - November
$1 +UP Reward wyb two
$1 SCR wyb two

GE adapters, taps, timers or powerstrips 50% off
Buy two 6-outlet power strip or 24-hour timer 2-pin, get $5 SCR

Motrin PM 20 ct $5.49
$1/1 printable
$2/1 in-ad coupon
Receive $3 +UP Reward
$.50 Moneymaker!

Tums 60-150 ct
Beano 15-30 ct 2/$8
$1/1 Tums printable
$1/1 Beano 30 ct or higher printable
$2/1 Beano Video Values coupon here
$2 +UP Reward wyb two

$2/1 printable OR printable
$2/1 in-ad coupon (excludes Overnight)
$2 +UP Reward
these usually start around $5, so possible moneymaker!

Clearasil Overnight face care
$2/1 printable OR printable
$5/1 in-ad coupon
$2 +UP Reward

L'oreal skin care and cosmetics BOGO 50% off
Buy two, get $5 +UP Reward
$3/2 any L'oreal Paris printable
$1/1 L'oreal Paris Go 360 Clean printable (
$2/1 L'oreal Paris Revitalift printable (
$1/1 any L'oreal skin cleanser printable (

Conair or Scunci brushes, combs and hair accessories
$10 +UP Reward when you spend $20

NYC Cosmetics- BOGO 50% off
Use $1/1 printable

Trident Layers - $1
Use .75/1 Trident coupon

GM Cereal - 2 for $5
$1/2 coupon
$2 up reward wyb 2
$1 each

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $1.99
$.75/2 Uncle Ben's printable
$.30/1 Uncle Ben's Video Values - November and December
$1 +UP Reward

Hormel bacon bits 3 oz 2/$3
$.55/2 any Hormel bacon toppings printable
$.50/1 Hormel bacon bits Video Values coupon (November)
$1 +UP Reward wyb two

Coke and Coke products 12-pack 3/$9.99
$2 +UP Reward wyb three

Ghirardelli, Hershey Kisses 2/$5
$1/2 Ghirardelli Intense Dark printable (
$.75/1 Ghirardelli Luxe printable
$.50/1 Ghirardelli Luxe printable
$1/2 video value coupon
$1/2 Hershey’s Kisses
$1 +UP Reward wyb two

Hershey, Reece's, M&M Mars Single Serve Candy Bars - 4 for $2
Use 2 $.50 off 2 Milky Way bars (there was also a BOGO FREE coupon in the paper last week on Hershey's)
Pay $1 out of pocket and get $1 up reward wyb 4! 4 FREE Milky Way's (which are my favorite candy bard btw!)