Friday, October 15, 2010

Rite Aid Moneymakers next week

Rite Aid has yet another page of FREEBATES next week (you still have time to get this week's FREEBATES, mix them with a $5 off 25 coupon and make $5 - see previous post or check Rite Aid's ad for all the freebates - they were all together on an end cap at my rite aid, so they are REALLY easy to find!).

I thought I would list a couple of them for next week that you can print coupons for now and make some money on them. Rite Aid Single Check Rebates (SCR) are really EASY to do - just go to their website, enter your receipt info, and that's it. You can request your check at the end of the month.

I will have a full match-up of their weekly deals on Sunday (sometime after church)

Print your $5 off 25 here or the video values site

Thermacare back patch - $2.99
$1 off 1 coupon
$1 off 1 Video Value
$2.99 SCR
$2 moneymaker

Children's chestal honey cough syrup - $4.99
$1 off coupon (the one at the bottom)
$4.99 SCR
$1 moneymaker

Children's Oscillococcinum - $4.99
$2 off coupon
$4.99 SCR
$2 Moneymaker

Bee MD cough drops - $2.49
$1 moneymaker - now I am not sure if it worth the cost of a stamp to do this, but to each their own

If you need diapers - print the $1.50 off Huggies diapers coupon from and there should be a good deal on those this week also :) (details to come)

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