Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This week deals

I will do more detailed and separate posts starting next week, but here is the one I put on my other blog this week to get us started:

I LOVE Rite Aid - I always get tons of free stuff (often making money!!), and cheap diapers. Yeah, I have an addiction. I used up all my up-rewards, so if I wanted to quit, now would be the time.... but I don't think it will happen (I'll detail my trip later in the post)

I have gotten so many comments that you like me posting my deals, I'll try and be better on putting them up every week (adding an *updated* to the title if I find anything later in the week), I have been lax since having Oliver :P Make sure to check out my last post on some Clearance deals I found at Target and the gifts that I made them into! Yes, I got my Martha Stewart on last week (happens like once or twice a year :P)

Freddy's has an awesome toy sale this week. Freddy's ALWAYS has awesome toy sales in October - so this is the time to get those gifts early! As you can tell from my last post, I like getting everything done EARLY!

I picked up this ball popper for Oliver for $5.99! On sale for $10.99 and coupons.com has a coupon for $5 off (normal price is $22)

Got this $20 Nerf Gun for Jonathan for $9.99! (no coupons!) They are also having a great sale - buy one get one free- on girl stuff like strawberry shortcake, barbies, littlest pet shop, Polly pocket, etc. (I would have stocked up, but I already am set on that stuff for Sabrina). So if you need any of this stuff for Christmas or birthdays - head to Freddy's and stock up this week!

Sabrina asked for one of these roll around drawers for all her art supplies for Christmas - $9.99 on sale at Target (sorry, I took the picture crooked apparently :P)

I got all this stuff at Rite Aid and I ended up making a little over $1 on it!!! That is including the expensive Mucinex (this stuff is about $12 each normally - but it REALLY works well for me, stops a cold at the start!). I didn't even need to buy the Lysol spray (cost was $1.50) to get the Lysol deal this week, (the Purex laundry detergent and Lysol wipes would have been enough, but I thought since I have 20% off everyday prices it would be under $10, but that wasn't the case), but at least $1.50 is a good price for Lysol and I LOVE Lysol spray (we have about 8 cans in our storage)...

I also could have split it up into another transaction (I did 3 transactions as it was) and used another $5 off $25 coupon, but 3 transactions was more than enough for me because I think my head would have exploded (and tried the patience of a 5 year old and 2.5 month old) trying to figure out how best to split it again :P but I still made money on it, so that's all that matters :) Plus we are all ready for cold season now :P

I'll try and list everything I used/did, but some are not available, so hopefully you already watched/printed the coupons.... I also got a paper this weekend - no idea why, just showed up at our house, so I used some coupons from it...
Transaction #1
$5 off $25 (video value, redplum, or this pdf)
$1 off a $10 Cold and Flu Purchase (I got this in an email from Rite Aid)
6 Renuzit air freshener (holiday scent) - $3 for $3, $1 up reward, and used a buy 3 get 3 Free coupon (from paper) = $2 for 6
1 Gain Dish Soap - $.89, $1 off coupon from Sunday paper = FREE
2 Playtex tampons - 2 for $8 - 2 $2 off coupon from Redplum.com, $2 video value coupon, and $2 up reward = FREE
Mucinex DM - $11.99, $1.50 video value coupon, $3 up Reward = $7.49
Children's Mucinex - $7.99, $1.50 video value coupon, $2 up reward = $4.49
Total - $7.98 after up rewards & coupons

Transaction #2 -
$5 off $25
$.50 off $5 purchase of candy (emailed to me)
Lysol Spray - $3.50, $1 video value coupon, $1 coupon = $1.50
2 Lysol Wipes - $3.49 (BOGO FREE) -$1 video value, $1 coupon = $1.50 for 2
2 Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets - $8.99 (BOGO FREE) - $3 coupon from paper, and $1 coupon
(could just use 2 of the $1 off coupons) = $4.99 for 2
$3 up reward for buying $10 of the above products
2 Garnier nutrisse facial cleaner- $6.49 for 1 & $3.24 for second (BOGO 50% off) - 2 $2 off video value coupons (one is from September), 2 $2 coupons from redplum.com, get a $3 up reward = $1.27 MONEYMAKER! (even if you don't have the September coupon it would be $.73 for the 2!)
3 Candy bags (1Reeces, 2Kitkat) - 2 for $4 - $1 off coupon from smartsource.com, $1 video value, and $1 up reward = $3
1 Garnier shampoo $2.50 - $1 off coupon at redplum.com, $1 video value = $.50
Total = $1.72 after coupons and up rewards

Transaction #3 - did ALL of the FREE after single check rebate in this transaction and used up ALL of the up rewards I had (hence why I did it LAST) - So this transaction is all FREE after rebate :)
$5 off $25
NasaDock (for Joseph's neti-pot)
Nasal Spray
Nasal Spray Gel - Mail in rebate for an additional $5.99
Palmers lip balm (stocking stuffer for Sabrina!!)
Pediacare vapor plug-in
Total = PROFIT of $10.99 after rebates! My Rite Aid had all of these together on an end cap - VERY easy to find and they had LOTS of them in stock!

Add all of it up and I had a profit of $1.29 (after rebates) - used up all my up rewards (even my ones from last week, so I didn't have much out of pocket) and have about $52.40 coming back in rebates and Rite Aid SCR are so EASY :)

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