Thursday, October 14, 2010

Awesome Safeway trip - cheap tp and make $$ buying cookie dough!!!

FYI - I will usually do a Safeway trip on Thursday evenings (while my daughter is in gymnastics), so I will update Thursday evenings if I find any more deals!

The Safeway in Corvallis (next to HP) is having a re-opening sale. They have coupons on their ads for 20% off meat/seafood, $.79 French Bread, and a FREE pre-packaged deli entree. They were out of the entrees tonight, so I got a raincheck, but they said they would have more tomorrow. I didn't know this going on there, so I was pleasantly surprised!

So here is what I got - the great thing is I only took 3 coupons w/ me!!!

They have a coupon in the Ad for $4.99 for 12 pack double rolls of Cottonelle TP. They have blinkie coupons in the aisle for $2 off 1 package. There is also a catalina for $2 when you buy 2. So I bought 2 for $9.98. Used 2 $2 coupons from the aisle (cannot double these), making it $5.98. I then got a $2 catalina, making it $3.98 for 2 packages or only $1.99 EACH!!

If you don't like hanging onto catalina's, just buy these 2 first, and then do the rest of your groceries in another order and use it up :)

At the Safeway I went to, they had the Halloween Pillsbury cookies with 50% off sticker coupons on them. They are also apart of the coupon in the ad for $1.99 Pillsbury cookie dough. Since I hadn't planned on buying these, they also happened to have a blinkie coupon for $1.25 off 2 Pillsbury cookie dough in the aisle. So I got them thinking they would be a good deal. They were better than I hoped! They scanned the 50% off the original price of $3.29, so for the 2 I got $3.30 off at the end of my receipt. She then then scanned the coupon and made the dough $1.99 each, so $4 for the 2. I then had the $1.25 coupon for 2 and apparently an e-coupon for another $1 off (I think it was cellfire, but it might have been shortcuts, check both of them) So here is the breakdown:
$4 for 2 packages of cookie dough (using coupon in AD)
- $3.30 for the 50% off original price sticker coupons
- $1.25 off 2 coupon from the aisle
- $1 e coupon
PROFIT of $1.55
FYI- they had LOTS of these cookies when I was there tonight

They also had their Safeway brand Halloween chocolate chip cookie dough w/ the 50% off stickers, so they come out to a $1

I messed up and apparently loaded my Progresso cellfire coupons to my Fred Meyer card, so I didn't get that coupon off :P Oh well, still not a bad price at $.63 each - (see previous safeway post)

I got the Sweet Rewards brownie bites (same Ad coupon as the cookie dough above) for a PROFIT of $.50 - see my previous post for that

I had a coupon from the paper for $.50 off Yakisoba noodles (Joseph likes these for his lunch drawer for when he forgets to take a lunch) and they are buy one get one FREE right now - so I got 2 for $.79

I got Ground Beef because I had a $2 catalina for meat that was going to expire today, so with the 20% off coupon and the catalina, I got 6lbs of meat for $6! I guess we'll be trying out ground beef...

I also got some salad, grapes, and tortillas for a total of around $18 for all that.

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