Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I guess I am evolving this blog... I'll try and put up Fred Meyer, Target, Safeway, RiteAId, and Albertsons deals each week. I don't usually shop Walgreen's anymore, because ours here sucks and doesn't ever seem to have the good deals in stock - I also not a fan of Kmart... I'll post sales at different stores, like Old Navy, Toys R Us, Staples, Kohls, etc. that seem like good deals. Also deals online that I find. I'll try and let you know when to REALLY stock up on something, or when it is just a decent deal... I'll try and do the best diaper deals for the week (so in case you REALLY need them you'll know where to go)

I will be working on getting a facebook page up and going...

Please email, post on facebook, leave a comment, if you find a deal and want to share it, and I'll share it with everyone! Please share, I can't find everything.. If you find a great deal online or in the store, or find a certain clearance steal (let me know of any "extra" off clearance sale you find!!), let us know! Or if I miss anything - like we don't drink milk around here, so I have no idea what milk costs - you can fill everyone in for me! Also any community events or activities that would be fun and you want to share, let me know. I always seem the last to know about some fun activities in the area, so PLEASE share them, so we can all join in the fun.

I don't get a newspaper, so I won't usually post things you need newspaper coupons for (feel free to submit those deals for me). I have 3 different computers, so I am able to get most coupons... I did get the paper for awhile, but didn't find it more useful than just printing the coupons, so I quit getting it :P Make sure you set your printer to "fast draft" to save ink and just do grayscale/black and white and save the more expensive color ink....

So let's share fun events and all save some money!!

Here are a few things to get started:

Sign up for Ebates if you have yet to do so - When you want to buy something online, go to their site, and then click on the site you wan to buy from and you'll get $$ back (Ebates will cut you a check a couple of times a year). I have been using them for year and have gotten over $250 back. For example, when we were buying our freezer, I could have just gone into Sears to order it instead I ordered online at the same price and shopped through Ebates and got $30 back!!

Upromise is yet another site to get money back on purchases and save for your kids college. See my post on it here. They also have coupons you can load to your various cards.

Cellfire - you can load coupons to your Safeway and Fred Meyer cards.. I have an app for my iPhone, but you can do it on their website too

Shortcuts.com - another place to load coupons to your cards

Both the Safeway and Fred Meyer websites let you load even more coupons to your card

Sign up for Mypoints - I send it to my junk mail and click on their emails and make points. But they are great for printing your coupons.com and smartsource.com coupons. If you print them from their site, you get points! So get even more from using coupons. I get enough points every year to get restaurant gift cards for when we travel - like to Rainforest cafe (when we go to Disneyland) or Outback steakhouse, but they have lots of options for your points and who can argue with free gift cards?!?! PLEASE Send an email (savvysavingandinvesting@gmail.com) or comment and I'll send you an invite to join! (I get point for referring you then!)

Redplum.com also had lots of coupons (they aren't on mypoints yet...)

I'll also list individual product websites to find coupons to match with sales, or often if you "like" a product on facebook, you can get a great coupons (I'll list them as I find them - or let me know if you find a good one!)

Rite Aid has their Video Values site - watch videos and get coupons you can stack with manufactures coupons. I have gotten so many good deals from these coupons! Watch any you think you might use - you must watch them in the month before they go away and put up new ones, but are good until the next month

Target.com also has coupons to print that you can stack with manufactures coupons. Again lots of good deals to be had because of this!

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