Monday, January 3, 2011

SWEET moneymaking week at Rite Aid!!

It was a great moneymaking week again at Rite Aid!

My store was out (of all but one!) of the wet ones - so I think I will go to the one in the town over when I take my kids to gymnastics to see if they have some more. I also didn't get the gas X because I grabbed the wrong one for the coupon and didn't want to go back and find it after checking out - so maybe I'll get that tomorrow too..

I got my resolution reward, but I already had $30 towards it (from last week) so I will only include 70% of the $20 ($14) towards my trip today.

The Airwick deal turned out to be a $3 MONEYMAKER because it printed 3 $3 Uprewards and $10 Upreward! (and counted toward the $20 resolution reward, which makes it an even bigger moneymaker!)

Here is what I got: (see previous post for links ALL coupons I used - I only used printed coupons you can get for this!) Coupons used are in ( )

4 Airwick Freshmatic Kits - BOGO FREE - 12.99/2 = $25.98 for the 4 (used 4 of the $4 coupons)
2 Airwick mini Frehmatic kits - BOGO FREE - $9.99/2 (got to get my total over $30! and used 2 $2 off coupons)
8 Aquafresh toothpaste - $20 for 8 (used 8 $1 off coupons and the $1.50 Video Value)
1 Box of Huggies Diapers - $15.99 (20% discount - used $3 off coupon and the $2 off Video Value)
2 Trident - $2 (used $.50 Video Value)
1 Wet ones - $1.99 ($1 off coupon)
I also used my $4 off $20 purchase coupon
Price before coupons - 75.95 ($71.96 counted toward my $100 Resolution Reward!)
After coupons ($40 in coupons) - $35.95
UpRewards - recieved: (I actually did this in 3 transactions to not end up with a TON of UpRewards, I did the airwick first, then the toothpaste and then everything else and just rolled the UpRewards to not have as much out of pocket and not so many UpRewards to use up later!)
3 $3 Up Reward from Airwick
1 $10 Up Reward from Airwick
$10 Up Reward from Aquafresh
$2 Up Reward from Huggies
$1 Up Reward from Trident
$1 Up Reward from Wet Ones
$14 Up Reward From Resolution Rewards (remember I am only counting 70% since I started with $30 from last week)
$47 in Up Rewards! (this is why I split the transactions - so I wouldn't have all these to spend - plus less out of pocket!)
$11 MONEYMAKER! I think that qualifies as a GREAT week - especially buying a BIG box of diapers!!! (I didn't even get the $1 moneymaker on Gas X.. yet...) I think the Aquafresh is headed to the Shelter :) Even if I hadn't gotten the Resolution Reward, my total would have only been $2.95 - Definitely a great deal!

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