Monday, January 3, 2011

$3 Moneymaker on Airwick at Rite Aid

In case you didn't see my trip post to Rite Aid, I thought I would update this, since it was such a great moneymaker on Airwick :)

If you Spend $30, you get a $10 UpReward
You also get a $3 UpReward for spending $10
They also will count toward you $20 Resolution Reward (you will get when you spend $100 over the next few weeks) making this deal even sweeter

FYI - there were coupons in the paper for these too, in case you get a paper :)

Buy 4 Airwick Freshmatic Starter Kits for $12.99 each BOGO FREE - $25.98
Buy 2 Mini Airwick Starter Kits for $9.99 each BOGO FREE
Use 4 $4 off coupons here and here off the big starter kits
Use 2 $2 off coupons (at same links) off the mini kits
$20 in coupons
Then you will get 1 $10 UpReward and 3 $3 UpRewards ($19 total!) Making it a $3 moneymaker :) It also puts you almost $36 closer to your Resolution Reward (when you spend $100 over the next few weeks) so you'll be 36% of the way there

(and if you get to the $100 mark and get your $20, this would represent about $7.20 of that $20 reward, making this a $10 moneymaker!!)

You could also buy 2 of the big starter kits and 4 of the smaller ones
Use 2 $4 coupons and 4 $2 coupons
$16 in coupons
$16.97 - get the same upRewards making it a $2 moneymaker!

My Rite Aid had lots on an end cap :)

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