Monday, January 3, 2011

Free/Moneymaker on Special K at Rite Aid

Next Week, Rite Aid is going to have Special K BOGO FREE! There is also a BOGO FREE coupon available on their website - I tried over and over to get the coupon yesterday, with no luck :P But today - Common Sense with Money - posted how to get the coupon to work and it does! FYI - the coupon prints at the bottom of the page

This will mean that you can get 2 boxes Free per coupon (you can get 2 coupons per computer, or 4 FREE boxes)! SWEET! There is also supposedly a $1 Up Reward all month on EACH box of the Special K, which would make each box a $1 MONEYMAKER! (they may not print on the Free box though) So go print your coupons now :)

For the Mommas - also has a deal to get them free this week, but for me, I would rather them just be Free with the one coupon and not have to get UpRewards to make them Free, but FREE is FREE, so do whichever you prefer :)

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