Sunday, March 27, 2011

$2 off Maybelline

I am a Bzz Agent which is a cool program to generate word of mouth advertising on new products. I have been part of it for a couple years now and LOVE getting all sorts of free products in the mail and then coupons to go with them! I have gotten all sort of awesome stuff through them :)

Well, this week in my mailbox, I got two packages - I'll start with the one that came first:

I got these 4 Maybelline Lip-colors :) I don't wear make-up, ever - except for the occasional lipstick. So I was really excited about them. I may not wear much make-up, but I do LOVE a good lipstick!

I tried them all out, and I must say, they REALLY do last a long time! One day I put it on in the afternoon, and it was STILL on by the next afternoon! It didn't feel like I was wearing lipstick and it looked great even after 24hrs. I must say I am impressed :) They feel great on and really do last a really long time and still look great after hours of wear! I would highly recommend this lip-color! 

Here is a coupon for $2 off!!  So you can go get your own :)

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