Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loreal Mascara and Eye shadow

I am a Bzz Agent which is a cool program to generate word of mouth advertising on new products. I have been part of it for a couple years now and LOVE getting all sorts of FREE products in the mail and then coupons to go with them! I have gotten all sort of awesome free stuff through them :)

This week, I got a package with L'Oreal double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara and the one Sweep Eye Shadow. I never wear either of these items, but figured i'd give them a try.

The Eye shadow is GREAT. Just one sweep and your ready to go! Seriously easy, especially for someone, like me, who never wears make-up or even know how to put it on... or if you are just in a hurry or don't want to waste time - you get 3 colors at once... I really like this stuff, and would actually buy it :)

Since I've never worn Mascara, I am not sure exactly what makes a good mascara and what doesn't, but this stuff looks great on and in one sweep was ready to go. Both of these items were so easy to use, especially for someone like me who never wears any! And they both looked fantastic on :)

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