Friday, November 12, 2010

Safeway - $5

Here is what I got at Safeway for $4.44 this morning (I show it to you so you can see how easy it is to do!)
4 Quaker Oatmeal - $1.88 each
2 Ritz - $1.88 each
2 Pam - $2.29 each
2 Wesson Canola Oil - $2.29

Coupons: (see previous post for coupons)
4 $2 off Oatmeal Coupons (no longer available)
1 $1 off 2 Ritz coupon
2 $1 off Wesson coupons (Thanksgiving Safeway coupon book - ask at customer service if you can't find it, they mention it in the ad, so they should have it)
2 $1 off Pam coupons (Thanksgiving Safeway coupon book)
$2 for the double coupons
$15 in coupons
I then had a $1 catalina from my last trip - so I spent $4.44 out of pocket ($5.44 w/no catalina)

I also made quite the trip to Winco last night - spent $20 and got lots of food :) My favorites were $.29 Soy Sauce and $.50 Bread Crumbs :) See Previous post for coupon match-ups. I also picked up my FREE Wholly Guacamole!

We'll see if I make it to Albertsons's sometime this week to get the Free California Pizza Kitchen - has anyone done it yet??

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I don't often post comments, but I follow this religiously and go out and find deals...I am still learning this whole couponing fun. You do an awesome job. Thanks.