Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Couple more Rite Aid deals

Safeway deals are coming as soon as my internet decides to cooperate

I found a couple more deals yesterday at Rite Aid (I had to go back because they were out of body wash Monday :P)

First watch the video values and get the coupon for the $100 coupon book (link on the side, I am too lazy to link it right now)

Sundown Vitamins are BOGO Free - Price varies (I personally bought Calcium + vitamin D since they say breastfed babies are low in vitamin D - they were $5.19 for the 2)
Use the $1 off Sundown Video Values Coupon
Plus get $2 in UpRewards
So I made about $4 from this

Ester C - they had some for as little as $5.69, but they were out, so I got the gummies at $6.79
I used the $2 off Ester-C products coupon in the coupon book I picked up with the coupon book mentioned above
There is also another $1 off Ester-C video Values coupon on the video values site
Then use 2 $1 off coupon here or here
So I paid $1.79, but if they have the cheaper ones, then as little as $.69

Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer (ok, I picked this up for Sabrina because she was with me)
BOGO FREE - $2.99
Used $1 off coupon from coupon book mentioned above
$2 for 2 hand Sanitizers

I then picked up my free Nivea body wash (see previous rite aid post) and some of the Glad Plug-ins and used my $5 off $25 coupons here (on the right hand side under recent updates), So I made about $5 on my purchase.

Monday, I used my $5 off $25 coupon here and got 2 herbashine hair color, 1 garnier shampoo, 1 Keebler cookie, 1 Finish Quantamatic kit, and 2 renuzit and made about $5 from my trip (see previous post of all those coupon match ups)

So I have made about $10 this week from my Rite Aid trips :)

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