Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting rid of Satellite

We decided to ditch our Directv. We have had it 10 years, but found ourselves rarely watching it, instead watching more and more online (which is FREE).

So we decided to sign up for Netflix, which I am loving! Especially for only $10 a month (which includes getting movies in the mail) - we got our first month FREE too (which ends in a week :P).

We then have a computers (yes, we have multiple computers in our house) hooked up to each of our 2 tv's for watching things online (thanks to a tech savvy husband, he has it all hooked up - one is hooked up to a monitor and the tv - so can do work on the computer and watch something on the tv!)

But we were missing local stations. In the past, we tried out MANY, MANY indoor antennas, and NONE of them worked well for our neighborhood, so we ended up returning all of them.

So we took a chance and ordered this Antenna from Amazon. (it is the cost of ONE month with directtv's cheapest programming) It had GREAT reviews and one of the BEST prices we've seen for this powerful of an antenna.

It arrived on Saturday and we hooked it up to one of the tv's and we got over 17 (I can't remember the exact amount) channels. By far the most we've gotten. We got all the major stations - PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW, and some random extra channels (I haven't explored them all yet). This was all just having it in the house. We plan on installing it outside where our Satellite currently is, when our current subscription runs out (they wouldn't give a refund and we were paid up until the beginning of March)..

Best of all, it is in HD and looked GREAT! (we didn't pay extra for HD on directv) at the best price of all FREE!

Anyone else have an antenna that works in this area??? I would love to know what else works around here :)

So we now have another extra $40 in our pockets each month AND we get to see all the movies we want through Netflix! :) - $500 savings a year!

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