Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheap Jerky, Free Completeats & moneymaker on Special K

First off this Special K BOGO FREE coupon has Reset! So you can get more boxes free :) Since it is BOGO FREE at Rite Aid - you can get 2 free boxes, plus $1 UpReward is printing for EACH box!

The Hormel Complete Eats are also printing 2 $1 Uprewards, making them Free! If you have the video Value coupon or the coupon from, you can turn this into a moneymaker

Finally, they have Oberto Jerky on sale for 2 for $5, you get a $1 up Reward for buying the 2, but 2 $1 off bonus UpRewards will also pint (did this morning and it printed 3 $1 up Rewards for the 2). There is also a video value coupon available for the Oberto, making this a great deal on Jerky!

My Rite Aid was out of the Tylenol Precise and the Motrin PM, also out of Special K (I was able to get 4 boxes, but have coupons for 4 more), so I will be checking the town over tomorrow when I am there. They also said they are getting a truck tomorrow and could check back.. They also did not have any pasta (I am not sure if they even carry it), so I was not able to verify that being free either

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