Friday, November 5, 2010

Toy Story Legos

Target has an awesome deal on the Lego Pizza Planet lego set on sale for $32.99 until Saturday. They also just came out with a $5 off certain lego sets coupon (your probably got it in the mail, or print it at and this one is included! So you can pick this $40 set up for $27.99!

Also when I was looking at (to post the link for this post) this set had FREE shipping and you can use the coupon online (the code is on the coupon printing page at! Sweet! If I had known this, I would have skipped the store (at least I was out already). The coupon code is TCHD1036

And you can get another 3% back if you shop through Ebates (man too bad I already got it at the store :P)

Also at the store (not online), at least ours here in town, had the Lego Buzz Lightyear (the one you build that is normally priced at $30) on clearance for under $20 (I think it was $19 something)

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